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Active Alerts - NOC view

Active Alerts - NOC view

As of NPM 11.5, the Active Alerts resource is paged. More than 5 alerts and you need to page through the list or click the All Active Alerts button. But this doesn't work well in a NOC view.

Please allow the Active Alerts resource to be customized per view/page to include an option to specify how many alerts should be displayed, with an option to simply display all alerts. This would make the resource work better in a NOC view.

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Level 11

For now something like Active Alerts View for NPM 11.5 could be used until this feature is implemented.

Level 10


It is currently not possible to add the Active Alert NOC view into an existing NOC View.

I want my NOC users to see a rotating view inclusive of the Active Alert NOC View and other MAPS etc.

I just use Firefox with an auto tab rotation add-on.