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Ability to use Slash notation (CIDR) instead of subnet mask

Ability to use Slash notation (CIDR) instead of subnet mask

Like most IT shop, we document our network using the /xx notation instead of the full subnet mask.

In NPM Network Sonar Wizard (Like many other places), I cannot use the slash notation and have to use my memory or a subnet calculator to enter the correct information (possibility of error).


Please add a way to simplify our job by having that slash notation available to us.

If SW cant calculate the CIDR, at least provide a dropdown list that has both CIDR and full subnet mask...

Level 13

YEs, even cisco permits that now

Level 13

...and that is common with Juniper...

Level 10

This would be a huge improvement.

Level 14

Agreed, using the CIDR notation would make life much easier. And not just in NPM, but all the Orion modules should allow this.


would be nice to use in NTA, as well as across the board through all modules.

NTA will actually filter items using CIDR, but, oddly enough, it will not accept it anywhere else... makes 10 minutes worth of adding subnets take 40 minutes...

too bad this is a great idea, and very useful, as it will probably sit here for 4+ years and accumulate hundreds of votes... and never be implemented...

Level 11

would make my life easier!!!!

Go .. Go ... Gadget / notation.

Level 13

,,, And please allow /32 subnets... you cant discover a device on a subnet mask, as this will end up in an error.  The support says it's by design, as it is not a "real" subnet (false). It would be much appreciated when adding multiple subnets and a separate device in a Network Sonar discovery (ie: a fews subnets and a loop back address, or a single wan port).

Level 9

This would be convenient for a lot of people but most know how to convert in seconds.   If both could be used (like an either or), that would be fantastic!

Level 13

Sure   But when you compare a network plan with what it's in SW, it would be usefull (and less prone to errors) if they were noted the same way.