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Ability to set Web refresh based on view number or account/group

Ability to set Web refresh based on view number or account/group

I would love to be able to change the refresh rate to 1 minute for some views that are more "real-time" and lower the refresh rate on other views that are just global status updates.

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Level 12

Yes! Node Details pages and others where I select a lot of check boxes drive me nuts when it refreshes and clears all of my actions <insert frustration />.

Level 9

Desperately need this. <replicate frustration/>

Level 12

I used Firefox and the Reload Every Plugin.  Not sure if this will help?

Level 13

This on different view ID's would be great, but I would like to see it based on Account/Group Accounts as well.

Level 9

My use case is for a view of "Nodes with Problems" for my NOC without setting the global refresh speed to be so low that i makes using web reports a unusable browser/PC waiting to happen.

This feature could be set at the manage view screen and simply override the global refresh rate for that view.

Also would help with the frustration that I share with cmgurley.

Level 17

I like this idea, having different page refresh rates based on what the page is could be very useful. Of course so is any addition to the customization.

Level 16

I agree, user/group based and/or view based....  heck, I'll take anything!! 

I'm in on this too. 

Being able to set page refresh rates is a very nice thing...

Possibly at the account/group level as well.

I also concur on the <insert frustration> issue as well.

I know we all have been typing in something and the page refreshes and now we are back at the top of the page and everything we typed in is gone.

It slows down your day and tends to put you into the groundhog Monday loop....not to mention totally not 3 AM friendly if you are working a problem.

The worst offender for me is NCM where I'll be comlaring a config line by line with terminal and with my finger on the last line look away and back and ah crap it reloaded. I find solace in a few views which do not refresh as most resource views- just click the top title of the resource to open it full screen and without refresh.

Level 16

I convinced management to allow us to use Orion for our "metrics presentation" to the executives.  But I can't because it refreshes many times in the middle of the presentation.  All the data is there, but I still have to use a stupid excel graph...  Time wasted and a bit embarrassing...