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Ability to remove metric pills from Orion Maps

Ability to remove metric pills from Orion Maps


Would like to be able to have the option to remove the metric pills from the interface links within the Orion Maps.

Some of the Maps that are created can be large and having these pills showing can make it look clumsy.

I appreciate that this information is useful for others and they wish to see this information all of the time, but unlike my circumstances, i would only like to see this if i choose to do so.




Product Manager
Product Manager

Great feedback @dunky2k - following the request! Looking forward to hearing others comments and feedback.

I would like to see this as well! You can't read those pills from across the room, they just add clutter to a NOC board and force you to make maps bigger than they need to be in order to avoid overlap. 

Product Manager
Product Manager

@nickzourdos that is a terrific point and great feedback!!!  Definitely noted!  Thank you!