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Ability to add Web Based reports to a Summary View

Ability to add Web Based reports to a Summary View

The current resource for generating a report in a view only allows you to select reports that have been created using the Report Writer on the server, it would be really neat if you could also choose from reports that have been generated using the Web Console. This would allow you to include reports in the rotating NOC views that were introduced in v10.7

Additionally, this could also be solved by allowing resources in a Summary/NOC/Interface/etc. view to be arranged in the same way that reports are. Instead of three static columns, it would be nice to add a "section" which can have as many columns as you want. These sections are completely independent of each other in terms of spacing.

Level 8

although I have a lot of feature request, I only created an account to vote for this one.

it is beyond my understanding that Solarwinds is turning to web based report writer while there is no way to add a web based report as a resource in views

With such excellent flexibility and appearance of the web-based reports, it seems like a no-brainer to include them as a usable resource in a summary view.

Level 21

I would love to see this.  I use a lot of reports in my dashboards and will really miss that functionality.

Level 8

Why is this not already an option?  At least let me convert the web-based report to the old report writer so I can add it to a summary view...

A wonderful question I tried solving the issue with iframes but it doesn't quite cut it.

Level 10

Here is a workaround

2015-02-06 10_27_02.jpg

Thanks for the suggestion! I am currently using iframes as a hacky workaround, but they are finicky and hard to control.

Level 12

I am so surprised as to why this even needs to be requested.

surely this should be a given!

iframes is a nice workaround thanks hcy01uk

Level 10

Hi hcy01uk,

i just stumbled on this thread while looking for solution for the same thing: ability to display reports from either web-baesd or report writer report on a summary page. This is not suppose to be requested, it should be there out of the box but I don't know what Solarwinds is doing. They seems to limit a lot of good stuff that makes one want to consider an alternative. Hopefully, They will consider adding this feature in the next update to the products.

However, I am trying to use the workaround you provided. Can you please help with how to obtain the link i need the resource like yesterday.

I will appreciate if you could help.

Thanks a lot.

Level 10


Never mind I have studied and understood what you did and edited to fit my need. I worked like a charm.