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Ability to Group custom/default views in 'Manage Views' page

Ability to Group custom/default views in 'Manage Views' page

I often get overwhelmed by the sheer majority of custom made and default views in the manage view page in Settings > Views > Manage Views. Especially when I have to be careful when changing views that others have set up for themselves.

It would be nice to be able to group views together in custom groups, or at least be able to search/sort by different fields to narrow down the list of total views.


jordaniswhite‌ I, along with many others, have been asking and waiting for something like this.  Hopefully they will make it a priority sometime soon.

Also, just in case it is helpful, I have just posted something that would, at the very least, give you the search function.

It is not the nicest, or most professional thing to look at, but it gets the job done for me.

SWQL Custom Views Manager

mr.ekemmlli‌ I am just adding you on here, since you voted up, and the history list is short.


Level 9

It would be nice if they had a way to hide unwanted views. Deleting is never really good, but a nice little radio button to hide could really clean up the "Manage Views" section. Or even a "Used/Unused" toggle.​ In addition to the "SWQL Custom Views Manager" I have linked above, here is another version we use, which allows you to group your views based on the group name.

Using Your Custom HTML Resource To Build A Better Way To Navigate Your Custom Views

It's nothing too fancy, merely a different way to view the same/similar data.

Thank you,