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API Verb to Change Polling Method

API Verb to Change Polling Method

Please provide native support in the SDK for changing the polling method of an existing node. (Including changing an existing node to Agent-based polling on a pre-deployed Agent)

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Very good point. would make migrations and additions easier. When implementing SAM, many tend to change to agent based polling.

Was about to raise a new FR for this and found this one in a search.

Calling tdanner​ and KMSigma​ on this one for there input

Looking for a verb to at least be able to switch from ICMP to SNMP V2/V3 and vice versa.

We receive large numbers of new nodes that need to be monitored for up/down initially until firewall rules and device ACL's have been updated, once updated then we have to switch them to the full monitoring using either SNMP V2 or V3 dependant on the device.

We have scripted the adding/deleting nodes and we could remove the node and re-add it as SNMP but then this loses the historical availability data which our reporting teams use for management level reports so being able to change the polling method via SDK rather than in the GUI will save bucket loads of time and make this task scriptable.

KMSigma​ I mentioned this to you at the London SWUG and you too were looking for a solution to this.



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is there any update on this one ?



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