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A Global Network Forecast Summary View

A Global Network Forecast Summary View

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Afternoon all, 

Following a recent request, I have been trying to create a global network forecasting view, highlighting specific areas such as firewall CPU and the likes in a graphical format (much like is on the node details view) for the use of executive summaries. 

As you can imagine, in times such as these, having the ability to begin identifying when resources will expire is something that executives are beginning to think about, so that they are able to keep their workforces productive and with little to no IT related issues. 

What I would like to achieve is a way to display capacity planning resources on groups of like devices in graphical formats on a summary which can be displayed or utilised to inform company execs on when we may require additional resources. 

Alternatively, if anyone has anything like what I am proposing, I would love to hear about how you have achieved it 🙂