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What We're Working on for NPM (Updated June 1st, 2018)

This content has a new home!  Please visit What We're Working on for Npm (Updated December 5th, 2018)

The content below is OLD.

NPM 12.3 has shipped and we're hard at work building the next release.  Here's what we're working on, in no particularly order.

  • Cisco ACI Monitoring - See ​ and .
  • Remote Collector - New, agent based collector for distributed environments and hybrid deployments.  See .
  • Next Generation Orion Mapping - First version delivered in NPM 12.3 via Orion Platform 2018.2.  Working on the next version.  See ​, , and .
  • Centralized Upgrades - See ​, and
  • Website & Database Performance Improvements
  • Windows Device Guard Support
  • SAML Authentication Support - See .
  • Replace syslog/trap with the functionality from our new Log Manager product​ - See.
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Please let us know about:

  • Track and report on interface downtime

Would be a great addition to all users of solarwinds NPM

Super interested in those footnote items!

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Increased scalability per SolarWinds instance (target of 250k elements / instance)
  • Improved performance and decreased resource load times via analysis with SolarWinds DPA
  • Increased number of pollers possible per instance

Definitely would be great if they would stop the nickeling and diming concept of their product. Great product but does not scale well for a large enterprise network. Increasing the element beyond 250k would be even better! •Increased scalability per SolarWinds instance (target of 250k elements / instance)

any chances of including SAML support for SSO?

I gave the feedback to the team that assisted me the other day.

Heatmaps - abaility to add walls to the configuration to give a better representation of the interference on the heatmap. Response to the maps are great. I use Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 as well, so I can compare the 2

Ability to view the data usage per client and number of clients connected to AP is great.

cobrien‌, please update the WWWO page for NPM, which still shows v11.0.  We're already on v11.5.1 and I'd like to know what SolarWinds is planning for the upcoming release.  Thanks!!! 

Do we have the facility to have default values in custom properties?

I have been asked for this from my management.  Correlating interface downtime with other events would be great.  When a lot of us have multiple networks at a site (say MPLS links AND Internet DMPVN connections on two interfaces on the node.  If I could do reports that reflected interface up / down that would help satisfy the need.  this needs to be granular and possible to keep history and trends.

When will the BASE Orion support HTML5

many issues are related to Orion not supporting HTML5

This has been asked THREE years AGO

There is already a Feature Request for HMTL5 at

That feature request was placed over 1 1/2 years ago and has quite a bit of votes in favor. So, out of curiosity... does anyone know how many votes are usually needed before SW developers add a Feature Request to their to-do list?

Someone wanting to buy the product.

A missing checkbox on a Gartner 'magic quadrant' report.

Indeed.   By the way, I would also like to hear from the PM on this subject.  For example,  does SW have any concerns or issues about switching to HTML5? 

They have to rewrite the core engine of NPM... which I'm guessing isn't a small undertaking.  Much of the newer code is written much much better though and having everything SWIS RESTful JSON web is the bomb!  We've got tdanner to thank for much of this better coding and active development and sharing of his API! :^}

I have to say, I was quite stoked for the Mandatory Custom Properties feature but I am a little disappointed in the way it turned out.  Its fine if you don't use Restricted values, but I use (and highly recommend) Restricted values on all Text and Numerical Custom Properties (ones that don't contain unique data of course, like Serial Number properties or Comments properties and such).  When using Restricted values and turning the Mandatory option on it simply just defaults the property to one of the Restricted Values for that property...  That is a nice option, but the default behavior of a Mandatory property with restricted values should be that nothing is selected and the user is required to choose from the list (or add a new value if they are an Admin).  With it defaulting to one of the restricted values like the current behavior does it still leaves the same old problem of people adding new nodes and skipping the entry of custom properties.  The whole point of Mandatory properties is to prevent people from adding a node without filling in at least these required properties, correct?

Another feature I'd like to see implemented is for Nodes that are added by a discovery there should be a mandatory step at the end that takes the user to the Custom Property editor and forces them to enter the Mandatory properties before completing the Results Wizard.  I mean, once again, that was the original intent of the feature, correct?  At least that's the way I understood it to be (and was hoping for as well).

This aligns well with our usage scenario and the pain point experienced in managing the system in a big team. Suppose many users share the same concern. Custom properties are one of the most powerful features of Orion, can Solarwinds make it more robust so that it can scale up well for big organizations? Having a mandatory property and letting it default to an uncontrollable value seems to be an half-hearted attempt to fullfil users voice. Why not go the entire distance and make the feature solve the problem it was requested to solve?

Yes!  They are so powerful and really could be even more so with a little bit more development. Rule based custom properties (like dynamic queries for groups) would be amazing as well.  When the new Alert Action Change a Custom Property Value was add I was excited until I realized that I would have to have a separate alert for each value I want to label with it.  Being able to have a Site custom property automatically fill in based on the beginning of a Node's IP Address, then have the City, State, Country, and Region properties automatically fill in based on the Site would be super sweet.  I'm working on a Powershell script that will do so based on a CSV file of IP to Site values, but being able to do this in the gui would be far better.

I would like to know more about

  • Enhancements to view restrictions

Maybe you can already do this with the existing product, but for routers, I would like some way to indicate which interface is the "WAN" or "INTERNET" interface up node addition.  This will make it much easier to create reports without having to manually go into each node and pull the interface fort he reports.

Mike, we leverage custom properties on the interfaces for just such a thing.  When we add a new network device we also edit the interfaces (just switch the view from Nodes to Interfaces in the Manage Nodes view).  We call our Custom Property InterfaceCategory and use it for WAN, TRUNK, and WIRELESS interfaces.

Hope this helps!

I think Updated edition will be really useful and great addition for all users of solarwinds NPM, those thinks for great something on NPM.

Good Luck.

When you went to web based alerting that was an improvement from the last application, but creating the alerts is still very very time consuming.  You already have templates for when a server goes down, reboot, application critical, and etc.  What if you could just take each template and then assign nodes to say for when a server reboots.  Since the template is already pre filled out, the application just needs to add the name of the server that wants to be monitored.  Instead of creating an alert for everything, if that makes sense.

Can we finally get multi column resources sometime soon?   I know that it was asked for years ago.   I could really do some good with multi column resources.

Really? I can make alerts 10 times faster than the old method.  They are super easy  now... I'm not sure exactly what you are getting at, but the easiest and fastest way to make alerts is to apply a custom property called Alert_ContactPrimary and Alert_ContactSecondary to all of your nodes.  Use them to assign primary and secondary email addresses to your nodes.  Then, you only need one type of each alert (one Node Down, one Node Reboot, etc...).  The alerts just have a variable in the To: field called ${Node.Alert_ContactPrimary} and in the CC: Field ${Node.Alert_ContactSecondary}.  SolarWinds uses rule based alerting, so you don't assign nodes to alerts.  That would be time consuming (i.e. the old Basic Alerts were a nightmare of time wasting).   If they went back to a method like that it would be a huge step backwards in my opinion.

You mean like the web report layout system?  That would be sweet.

No. Really...

I've literally Thousands of nodes (22 vendors; 114 different machineTypes). assigning anything by Node (e.g. pollers of any kind) is fraught with danger and opportunity for things to be missed.

Josh- I see what you are talking about.  (adding the custom interface property for WAN interfaces).  However, is there a way to make this more streamlined to where my peers are forced to indicate which interface is the wan interface on routers and routers only? 

The only way I see to add this wan property is to manually go through each router and make a true false which interfaces are "wan."  Thanks!

I see what you are looking for, but you get to it by going from the other direction:

You have an alert for "when a server reboots", but you only want it to apply for PARTICULAR servers.

Create a custom property called "server reboot" which is a yes/no.

Now modify the server reboot alert to include "if custom property "server reboot" = yes"

and then for each server you want to apply the alert to, you check the "server reboot" box.

In smaller or simpler environments where you have a few core alerts, you can subscribe/unsubscribe devices to alerts through the use of those checkboxes.

Not at the time the server is added, but you can (you're going to hate me here) create an alert.

Create the custom property with options for WAN, Trunk, wireless, ignore, and 01unassigned. Make 01unassigned the default.

To make life easy, you can also create a custom property that gives broad categories to devices - router, switch, wireless, winserver, linserver, appliance.

Now create an alert that checks for:

device type = router

interfacetype = 01unassigned

set the delay time for the alert to something fairly long - 1-4 hours. Set the recipient to the Network team.

Now they'll get a ticket if they fail to assign an interface type to router NICs.

Fair enough.  Is there a way to re-order customer properties?  We created a role type customer property (edge router, edge switch, core router, core switch).  I started using the mandatory field, and wanted to re-arrange them- and like you did above, put an unassigned group as the default so they would have to pick one instead of defaulting to something I dont want.

If there is no way to rearrange the properties, can you guys look into implementing?   thanks!

I just wish setting a property to Mandatory didn't default to a list value when there is a restricted list.  That is not what I had in mind when I saw Mandatory Properties...  My thinking was that it would just prevent people from adding a node without filling in all of the properties, not defaulting it to one of my list items.  That is a totally separate feature in my mind and should not be related to Mandatory Properties in any way shape or form...

Great to see improvements for Cisco stacks but there's no mention of the 2960X will this be included in the feature update?

Network Atlas is quite a powerful tool and one of the unique advantages in Solarwinds. However the UI and software controls need catching up with latest technology trends and offer overall improvements. Possible improvement areas,

  • Composite Maps that show maps as well as monitoring widgets in same pane.
  • Support for GIF Animated Images
  • Possible Integration with HP iLO / Dell DRAC to turn on Device Identifier LEDs

And Better Bulk Editing of labels and objects in Network Atlas as well!!!

I would love to be able to alert on when the default route on a cisco device is missing or changes.

you announce  that you are working on "Syslog / Traps / search improvements" in the next release, is this only for the global search? is there any date where you work on the "SNMP TRAPS and SYSLOG can raise an advanced alert in NPM" ( This is one of our bigest problems we are having....

Any chance of finding out when we might see 250K elements per instance any time soon?  I just had one of those 'near-death' experiences where someone asked "What if I needed to monitor every switch port that was connected to a server, access point, storage devices, etc.?  Could we do that?"  Seriously, I almost died.  We're at 85K elements already and that is with some careful selection of volumes and interfaces.  I'd need to almost double that to cover every switch port requested.

Help me mrs.alterego‌, you're my only hope!

After speaking to Mav earlier in the week - I'm excited about the UI changes I've seen!

Before I embark on the creation of the fudge of all fudges to get SNMP Traps used in a sensible way, could you provide any detail about the improvement to this functionality?  Incidentally what I'm looking to do is impact my availability stats based on certain trap status to do this I have written a PowerShell scipt that will be driven by a SAM template, the script will interrogate and update custom properties etc...

Is there a site where we can check out the upcoming version?  Else, are there any news about when the beta version will be available?

  • Monitoring for Cisco Switch Stacks (3750, 3850, 2960S)

Good stuff, this is a glaring omission. Hopefully there will also be relevant reports to give you the true count of switches on the network (inc. stack members) and to facilitate capacity planning, switch replacement etc.

It's been almost 1 month and I still see no replies about the upcoming version.  This is very disconcerting, especially the moderator and the SolarWinds PM, whose silence is just deafening.  

Hi Edwin, sorry for a late reply in the first place..The Beta summary page you are requesting doesn't exist and it's actually pretty good idea so I will check with colleagues if we can do something about it. In regards to NPM beta - first bits should be available within few weeks - no worries, you will be informed, there is a lot of changes coming and we will need volunteers


Thanks for your reply, and your apology.  Also, please, see my replies below:

  1. There is an NPM Beta page already at Network Performance Monitor Beta but it's almost not used.  By the way, the same goes for the beta pages for the other SW apps, which is quite puzzling.
  2. It's been over 6 months since I've seen updates (not hotfixes) for any of the SW apps we have.  I used to see updates (not hotfixes) for any of the SW apps we own about twice per year..  So, why I am also wondering what's going on.  We about 10 SW apps and over 30 licenses, so we're quite heavily invested in SW. 
  3. I've already submitted (over the past 8 years) several Thwack postings about updates to SW.  I am still waiting to see any of to be implemented. Not good.
  4. I am soooo eager to see major improvements to the Syslog and SNMP Trap engines!!!  I've been using SW for about 8 years and these Win32 apps haven't had major improvements yet.  That's a very, very, very long time to wait.  Primarily, I would love to see for the SW developers to somehow link the Syslog and Trap engines to the NPM core alerting engine.  That would give us a great deal more of options for managing the alerts, and dramatically reduce the flood of syslog and traps we get

Please, pass these concerns and ideas to the SW developers.  Thanks again.

exactly what i need as well!

Hi Edwin, what I meant as Beta summary page would be more like this page: What We Are Working On - just with all active product Beta's summarized at one place.. Individual Product Beta page like you pointed out is only one of means we gather Beta feedback so it may seem bit quiet there, especially when beta participants provide us feedback on a call.  The reason for new releases beeing bit delayed is pretty simple - we aim for bigger product changes and higher stability of betas in the same time. To your 3rd point - by postings, do you please mean individual Feature Requests for voting or something related to the way how solarwinds products are updated? (please be more specific as I'm not sure I understood what exactly you mean) Regarding 4th - we are working on this. Started with alerting which already got migrated to Orioin, moving to traps etc.




    • Monitoring Zebra AP7522, AP8132, AP6522, RFS6000, RFS7000and all NX (Wireless controler)

Best regards.

Would the system perform better if the services and job engines we 64bit instead of mostly everything being 32bit.   NTA is now 64bit  when will NPM and NCM become 64bit

Monitoring HP Switch Stacks (2920-48G in particular).  We don't use Cisco.

Monitoring Fortigate/FortiWiFi Firewalls as Wireless Controller, and FortiAP-S323C, FortiAP-S321C, FortiAP-S313C, FortiAP-S311C

I know that rhether‌ and neoceasar‌ would be interested in more FortiNet support for sure.

Any news on when the next release of NPM will be out? Its been a while since the last one.


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