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What We're Working on for NPM (Updated July 10, 2020)

You ask, we listen. Many of the top features being worked on in NPM are generated through your feedback, your participation in our user sessions, and your votes in our Feature Requests forum.

Here's what the NPM Team is currently working on:


The latest release of Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is available on and in your customer portal. See the NPM 2020.2 Release Notes for a comprehensive look at the features contained within.


We actively refine the product roadmap to solve your problems. Participate in Feedback Sessions for THWACK points and personalized input into the future of NPM. You can also submit and vote on NPM Feature Requests.

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so happy to see Network Insight for Palo Alto

thank you, thank you!

This is a really big deal. It's felt like SolarWinds has been driven by Cisco products for years.

I think this is the first time I totally agree with all the items in the list, very important additions!!

Network Atlas getting a major upgrade?

Ok, this is epic.

If this idea incorporated in upcoming release it will be very helpful.

How about exporting files in .XLSX format? .XLS is so OLD and increasingly incompatible with current products!

  • Replace syslog/trap with the functionality from our new Log Manager product - See One alerting engine.

YES !!!!!

can we get checkpoint firewalls put on the roadmap, please?

Would also like to see:

aruba wireless

a10 load balancers

Totally and utterly agree! If this is done right, NPM will be hard to beat. This has been our biggest wish since we started using NPM.

Got it.  Thanks for the feedback.

Can we have Fortinet deep insight added the the roadmap please?


2nd for Fortinet.

Checkpoint. YES. YES. YES.

question, is there any implementations in Beta1 about Syslog/Traps allready to test??

I thought this was being moved into the Log Event Manager?

Don't see it in the list, and it's been (one of?) the top-requested improvements for years... DARK THEME! A creatively ingenious soul did just offer up a custom creation for this at Grays Sock (Solarwinds Orion Colourising Kit)​ and Dark Theme In a Day  but as it's a separate .exe, it causes false-alarms in AV suites. I just KNOW the SW team can make this happen soon... right?

great to see the update coming in for Palo Alto...

For the last 12 +months there has been an item on the list:

  • Remote Collector

Has this been removed from the roadmap/consideration?

Palo Alto support would be huge!! We are testing Global Protect now and will be implementing this globally in the future. Insight into this is needed!

come on solarwinds, whens HTML5 coming, its starting to be come a bit of an embarrassment

Ugggh, Still no improvements to the Discovery Engine.

Please check out my feature request for accurate latitude/longitude on the worldwide map

  • Replace syslog/trap with the functionality from our new Log Manager product

Does this mean NPM will no longer accept syslogs and traps without Log Manager?

Support for Aruba 2930F and 2930M.

Support for Aruba 2930F and 2930M stacking (VSF and backplane).

Native support for PoE monitoring. Currently have this setup with a UnDP and it seems super easy to fully implement support for it.

Better support for SonicWall firewalls. Currently all my firewalls claim to be NSA 240. A completely EOS firewall

please have complete support for HP/Comware/Aruba devices... new versions of devices are lacking support... doing it via UnDP doesnt work for all vendors...

Think of all the man hours that might be saved by improving the config wizard.... glad to see that on the list!

very importend question! please answer?


  • Node status improvements

anything to do with custom tooltps outside of maps - something that has been requested for over a decade.

Looking forward to this being available on Google's cloud.

Another one for HPE/Aruba support please?

Support for Aruba 2930F and 2930M.

Support for Aruba 2930F and 2930M stacking (VSF and backplane).

Support for Aruba 3810 and 3810M.

Support for Aruba 3810 and 3810M stacking (VSF and backplane).

Native support for PoE monitoring. Currently have this setup with a UnDP and it seems super easy to fully implement support for it.

Support for 5412zl v2 switches - there is a feature request for this that is 2yrs old now

Network Insight for Palo Alto firewalls Yess!! been waiting for that

can we get the feature of having volumes listed separately just like Nodes and interfaces in the managed nodes section... currently there is no way to do bulk update for volumes and make it very difficult for requirements which has frequent changes...

This is it, folks. This is a huuuuuge amount of awesome updating and refining and cleanup and new stuff. Keep up the good work solarwinds!

Scalability Engine Guidelines for SolarWinds products

Check for Remote office pollers. They exist for fewer elements 250 or 1000. Mini APE.


As with Meraki Infrastructure , will be Aruba Central integrated in NPM?  Soon?



- Replace syslog/trap with the functionality from our new Log Manager product

We already expected this new functionality in NPM 12.5, but I am glad it is still on the list !


Hit me with the german localization. Technically I am Bavarian/Swabian but I think I can work with “proper German”.

and as I already participated in a maps session, I would love to see what’s going to happen there.

ready for a ux session

I would have to wholeheartedly second this. we will be having a huge overhaul of our infrastructure to Aruba, and this will be a big asset to have this in place.

  • Improved Device Support - We're building additional support for commonly requested vendors.

My Ruckus SmartZone is your playground. Tell me what you need and it's yours. I have an SNMPWalk ready and waiting, just let me know where I should send it. It's vSZ-E with a 3-node cluster, 90 or so Zones, and just over 1,900 APs

Can you add a decommission option similar to how to have Maintenance Mode? Some work policies have to keep server/nodes information for so many months or weeks but keep it offline. The decommission mode could allow a use to set it for so many days or weeks before it completely removes it from Orion. Also you should be able to create a report on device/s decommissioned so many days/weeks/months. I have to create my own option by creating custom properties and using maintenance mode. The only issue is the report which I have a case open on resolving the time frame reporting. Or create a module that I am sure SW would like to charge to charge companies for. If you do please make sure the companies I work for get it free!!!!

Support for Nutanix and Citrix Netscalers are high on clients wishlist's.

SDWAN is now available as a standard -

It might be a big plus is the Orion platform started monitoring the SDWAN components - SDWAN Edge, SDWAN Controllers, SDWAN Orchestrator

Did you ever get your reporting issue resolved?

This would be awesome!

Rest API for monitoring nodes is going to be required.     For SDWAN products like Silver Peak, API is going to be the only way to integrate their orchestrator with NPM.    Silver Peak will NOT add SNMP support for this (I've asked to the top levels ).

SNMP monitoring of the SilverPeak appliances offers very little information.   At least now SNMP traps and Syslogs actually gives accurate overlay info now but without API support, we are stuck monitoring SDWAN outside of Solarwinds

Alteon Loadbalancers

Fortinet Firewalls

MIB's can be provided !

Get alerts working from additional polling engines... this a limitation that exists today. So if you are using an APE on a network isolated from the MPE (only FW rules in place between MPE and APE), alters won't be able to trigger remote scripts on the nodes managed by the APE.

Scott - I totally agree! Rest API monitoring for nodes is increasingly becoming a requirement as vendor support for SNMP is declining. Thanks for sharing your insight.

Curious, what are your thoughts on SAM's API poller feature? How would you feel about this feature being incorporated into NPM as well?

Mike - That's a solid feature request, but it would apply more to the platform team than NPM. aLTeReGo​​​ might have more to add.

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