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What We're Working on for NPM (Updated Jan 15, 2020)

The latest release of Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is available on and in your customer portal. See the NPM 2019.4 Release Notes for a comprehensive look.

You ask, we listen. Many of the top features being worked on in NPM are generated through your feedback - specifically your votes in our NPM Feature Requests​​​ forum and your participation in our Feedback Sessions.

Here's what the NPM Team is currently working on:

  • UI Performance Optimizations - continuing to address our largest complaint in the last 10 years: user interface performance
  • Microsoft Azure Integration - visibility into Azure Virtual Network Gateways, specifically VPN status and throughput
  • Device Views - improving Device View​​​ by adding support for switch-stacks, additional vendors, and SDK workflow
  • Improved Device Support - additional device support for commonly requested vendors
  • Improved Interface Status - applying enhanced node status to interfaces
  • New Dashboard Framework - next-generation summary dashboard framework
  • Orion Maps - bridging the feature parity gap with Network Atlas


We actively refine the product roadmap to solve your problems. Participate in Feedback Sessions for THWACK points and personalized input into the future of NPM. You can also submit and vote on NPM Feature Requests.

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Melvin - Have you checked out this feature request? Probably worth throwing in a vote/comment.

I've been watching these two pretty closely, which you might also be interested in:

This should definitely be part of What we are working On

It should have ability to build PIE charts on all available metrics in SolarWinds Orion (same like we can pull almost all metrics for Node and its child objects and other Orion Objects in PerfStack dashboards)

Please add a roadmap for SDN - Vmware NSX-T monitoring.


I would be fine with any API additions as long as its added into NPM.   I don't think customers would appreciate needed to buy another module for this

Individual device polling would be a plus but I'd be happy just to get orchestrator properly monitored.   From Orch, a lot of date points are already there and SWINDS can then pull that data into existing alerts and add them into a full topology integration with the other devices monitored within a facility.

I can't imagine Solarwinds not adding the level of support that the company has done with Meraki Wireless, F5, Cisco ACI & Palo alto API's.

Heck.....Solarwinds is a customer of Silver Peak

SolarWinds improves VoIP quality and productivity with Silver Peak

Noted. Thanks for the feedback!

And support for Stack monitoring!  2930m

Huawei WLAN controller support in the pipeline!???

any chance to have a robust maintenance mechanism in a futur release ?

@MathieuJM, the latest maintenance comment I've seen from @jason.carrier is this comment. I was under the impression based on this other comment that this might have been listed on this roadmap already.

You are right simply @jason.carrier was not sure they will work on it soon... still a complaint from our management



Is there an ETA for the next big version with these features/improvements impemented?


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