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Using Custom Properties to Improve Alerting

All -

I've written a brief guide on how we use the Custom Properties available in NPM to enhance and simplify our alerting. The example I use in the document is: how do you alert on one part of a port channel link going down when the port channel itself stays operational?

Any comments/amendments/suggestions are welcome.


John Kelly

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Awesome! Great work. Thanks John!

Just what I needed, thanks!

John Kelly's how to use custom properties for custom alert filtering is exactly how every how to do document should be written: in easy to follow language with plenty of screenshots along the way.

We use exactly the same method, as I am sure many do, to specify which interfaces should alert us when down. While we monitor all interfaces and try to mark all non- critical interfaces as unplugged, since there is no clear indication in NPM when an interface is marked as such we rely on this custom property to clearly identify links to alert on.

My only follow up question is what is the licensing for "reuse"?


Cheers guys, glad people are finding it useful

bluefunelemental: that one annoys me as well, it was a real PITA to go through all our edge ports and mark them as unplugged - the nice thing about using custom properties is that they can be added as a  column in the Manage Nodes/Interfaces table so you can sort/pick based on the property as well. (Using standard interface descriptions in the switch config is a real helper as well: we started the description of all our Etherchannel Member links with "Member of" - simply typing this in search box lists them all).

No charge for re-use to members of a community like this



nice doc

after creating the Custom Properties Based on Interface I cannot view it on the Trigger condition.


That's odd! Underneath Polling Details on the 2nd drop-down there should be a list option of "Custom Properties" - If you change type of property to monitor to node at the top of the box does it appear there?



Yes it does but it does not show my defined custom Field.


I've seen this before. Restarting SolarWinds (yeah, I know...) should allow everything to re-initialize and the custom properties to show up.

If you are using an older version of SolarWinds (10.6 or so), and have an additional web server, you may need to run a special command to syncronize between the primary poller and the web server.

ok Ill restart it tonight Im using version v11.01.

blah its not working after the restart, Ill open a ticket.

Just got off the Phone with support, in Server 2012 you have to right click on advance alert manager and Run as admin.

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