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Transmode TM-3000 DWDM and Packet Optical

UnDP for Transmode TM3000 (and possibly other transmode devices).

This UnDP has support for the Transponder cards, Optical Amps, EMXP, MPLS-TP, and some of the alarm reporting.  Please let me know if you need me to add anything else.

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Thank you for sharing this.  I tried to implement a few of the monitors and when I do a test it shows the expected response.  However, when I assigned to a node and go into node details the UnDP information doesn't show up.  I have done lots of other UnDP data collection and never recall running into this - any ideas?



You need to add the UnDP's to the node details.

Thanks - yeah, I did that and it wasn't working.  For some reason it took about 12 hours for the graphs involving transforms to start working - really weird.  Anyways, it's working now and appreciate it...


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