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Riverbed Steelhead Universal Device Poller v1

First take at a Universal Device Poller for Riverbed.

Has many of the necessary items for monitoring and general health.

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Thank you
Thanks for sharing this!
If anyone has setup alerts for this I could really use to help, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I already have the poller installed I just need to configure the alerts, temperature is the big one at my company right now. I am new to using Solarwinds as a monitoring tool and could really use the help. Thanks in advance!

This is excellent, thank you!

Just a note, I added this UDP mainly for the Serial Number option and had to do some editing before it would come across correctly. Running NPM version 10 I had to go in and edit the MIB value because it did not recognize properly until it was opened for editing and resubmitted. The values also came across as a "Get Next", I had to change it to a "Get Table" in order to properly retrieve the value.

That being said, still awesome work getting this put together. Saved me a ton of time even with the tweaks I had to make.

When is version  2 coming out ?

LOL ikomrad

I potentially did a v2 over here but didn't widely publish to a doco as I asked for feedback first...

Mine enhanced the original as well as monitoring the % of optimised/optimized connects used.

eg: A riverbed is licensed for x connections based on the device.

We were seeing issues where when the Optimised connections were over 90% they weren't handling anything well and traffic transmitted was corrupted payload - thus user application impact.

Direct download here for the Riverbed UnDP


Do we have any idea?, how to monitor the riverbed domain failed authentication error.?

any one please..

I cant get this to work with NPM 11.5.2? is there a minimum NPM version requirment?

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