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Maximum number of B-channels in user per day

This report reports on all nodes who have a custom poller with an OID of assigned.

This will give you the maximum amount of used B-channels probed per day over the last 30days.

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Thanks for sharing; it worked great!
your welcome
you need to open this file with report writer and also create a universal device poller with the OID mentioned above and assign that to any node you want to report on!
new to the progam but this looks something of interest.
could you proved brief detail as to proper location to place this file and how to access it

Thank you.
glad to help, did you get what you wanted from the report?
Thanks for the help
i've created the universal poller and tried running the report. I get a message: "sql error: type date is not a defined system type." anyone know what that means?
did you assign the poller to the devices in question?
did you change anything in the report?
which version of NPM are you running?
I dont quite understand 😛
What was the problem and what/how did you fix it?
we had the same error message using sql 2005 and made a few changes -

SELECT DateTime, NodeID, NodeName, MAX(Max) AS Max From
--SELECT COUNT(Row_ID) AS Max, NodeName, NodeID, Cast(DateTime as date) AS DateTime FROM
SELECT COUNT(Row_ID) AS Max, NodeName, NodeID, REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(11), DateTime, 106), ' ', '-') AS DateTime FROM
SELECT CustomNodePollerStatistics_CustomPollerStatistics."RowID" AS Row_ID,
Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,
DATEADD(hh, DATEDIFF(hh, GETUTCDATE(), GETDATE()) , CustomNodePollerStatistics_CustomPollerStatistics.DateTime) DateTime
our database level is still at 90, we havent upgraded it to level 100 yet. works fine for us (i am curious about this).
as for the graph, which problems do you have? doesnt the normal graph work (havent tried myself as we dont' require this)
date : isn't used in sql 2005, i believe its 2008 onwards.

Thanks for sharing this. We are finding it very useful. Just need to fgure out how to get the data into a graph.
Is it possible get report data into a chart? We would like the max channels # from your report in a daily step chart. I can't find a way to do it.
you cannot get the report data into a chart, you can chart the raw data of every poll but not this report I posted, that currently is not possible in NPM, there is a feature request for this but not enough people have requested this feature so it probably is not going to be implemented unless more people ask for this functionality.
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