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Juniper IVE - SA Series CPU/Mem/Disk/Users

These mibs will work on SA series Juniper IVE SSL VPN appliances. 

The mibs include:


Disk Usage

Memory Usage

Concurrent Logged in Users

I chart the logged in users on the node details page as well as use UnDP gauges to show CPU/Disk/Memory on node details page.



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Hi Brian,

I've downloaded the file and imported it as a custom poller and assigned it to the SSL VPN SA2500. However, it still says Neoteris and I am unable to gather any of the custom info.

Please advise how to use this.

Juniper devices stating manufacture of "Neoteris" is normal as they were bought out by Juniper, the "guts" of the device are still Neoteris, and due to the the device responds back to the sysobjectid with "12532" which according to IANA ( is "Neoteris" if it replied with "1411" it would show as Juniper
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