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In the Presence of aLTeReGo.....

In the Presence of aLTeReGo.....

I was looking through aLTeReGo​'s content to see what I could use to provide my SW Solution the greatest depth possible.  Always trying to get more out of a single product then buying several products and only use 5-10% of those.  I have downloaded most of these to move them to a isolated network for testing and Evaluation.

Here is a list of aLTeReGo​ content (80%).  Thanks for your contributions.  I hope everyone will be able to find what they are looking for quicker and easier.

Orion Reports

Syslog Sources Report

SNMP Trap Sources Report

Windows Event Log Report

Physical Server Inventory Report

AppStack Relationship Report

Unknown Application Components in Error

Average Availability Across All Nodes

Software Inventory by Node

Unknown Volumes Report

Top Processes & Services Report

SAM Component & Element Count Per-Polling Engine

SAM - Hardware Health Enablement Report

Application Availability Business Hours

Node Up Time

Orion Discovery Report

Total Number of MAC Addresses on the Network Report


SofaWare Safe@Office & Check Point UTM-Edge Appliance UnDP

Current Hardware Temperature

Liebert CRAC, Computer Room Air Conditioning UDP

Liebert CRAC

APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers

APC NetworkAIR

APC Metered PDU - Amperage

Cisco - Last Reload Reason

Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels


Orion Polling Engine Load

HTTP/S Block Check

Microsoft Windows Software Update Services (WSUS)

File Open Status Script

Windows Share Monitor

Log Parser (PowerShell)


Credentials Used By WMI Nodes

Directory Count Monitor

Citrix Sessions

TCP Connections (WMI)

TCP Connections (SNMP)

Cisco ASA Active VPN Connections

SofaWare Safe@Office & Checkpoint UTM-Edge Device Template


APM Component Monitors that are not Inheriting from their Original Template

SAM - Applications Polling Frequency and Timeout Settings Report

SAM Applications Containing SNMP Component Monitors Assigned to Windows Nodes

Applications Not Updated for Five Polling Intervals

AppInsight for SQL Credential Inheritance Report

APM Component Monitors Whose Credentials are not Inherited from the Original Template

Credentials Used By APM Component Monitors

Component Monitor Threshold Value Report


Example SQL Database Status.apm-template

SQL Database File IOPS

SQL Jobs


Linux Read-Only File Check

Embedded Linux VPN Connections

Embedded Linux CPU Utilization

Linux Wireless Connected Client Count

Linux CPU Temperature


Alert: SQL Database Backup Outdated or Missing

Alert: Exchange Database Backup Outdated or Missing


SAP R/3 Workload Usages

SAP R/3 Workload Transactions

SAP R/3 Workload Response Time

SAP R/3 Performance

SAP R/3 Databases

SAP R/3 Database Buffer Usage

SAP R/3 Database Buffer Swaps

SAP R/3 Database Buffer State

SAP R/3 Database Buffer Allocation


SAP R/3 Client Usage


aLTeReGo !  The SAM man!

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