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How to trim, remove, or truncate domain names discovered and displayed in NPM 11.5.2 and NCM 7.4

If you are unhappy with NPM displaying the FQDN information of your network equipment for any reason (e.g.: the domain section takes up too much space in your diagrams and documents), I followed this process to trim the domain names off:

1.    RDP into the NCM server

2.    Backup the database:

3.    Open Database Manager on the NCM server (Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager)

4.    Click Add Default Servers

5.    Click the + sign to expand the Instance

6.    Right-click on the name of your default Solarwinds SQL server, then select "New query"

7.    Click Enable table editing

8.    Edit the value (by pasting in what I have provided below)

In the example below my goal was to remove the domain suffixes from NPM's discovery of our switches.  The domain names all began with .med.

You can remove everything after the first dot by including only the decimal (.) between the single quotes (example:  '.' ) or include the dot and the first characters of any domains you wish to trim.

UPDATE [dbo].[NodesData]

SET Caption = (



      Select CASE

       WHEN (CharIndex('.med',Caption)>0)

       THEN (CharIndex('.med',Caption)-1)

       ELSE (LEN(Caption))





9.      Click on a white blank page to save the changes

10.    Click Execute query to see if the changes have been saved

Kudos to Isaac Effinger for boldness, and Edwin Karl Ambrose from SolarWinds Technical Support for helping a SQL novice achieve a cosmetic task.

Here's hoping this process works for other versions of NPM and NCM!

Swift Packets!

Rick Schroeder

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Thanks, variations on this process have been posted fairly regularly.  For those of us that want this though, I think the real solution is to have Solarwinds give us the option to do so.  I would encourage everyone to vote on this topic on the already existing feature request!!!

The problem with editing them manually or using an SQL script is I think SW will then miss out on a hostname change done on the device, where-as otherwise it would pick up on it.  So then you will have to go edit or blank out the entry in SW after doing a change...

I need to do the opposite, we use different accounts for polling different domains, so I need be able to easily identify with domain a node belongs to in order to determine which credentials to use for polling. It customera.mycompany.local vs customerb.mycompany.local have different SNMP and WMI credentials. When adding or fixing monitors, I need to know which account applies to the node(s)  I am working on.

Agreed, FQDN as a standard has to be the way forward for a company that collects domain names like a child collects stamps.

Hmm...  Just thinking a bit.   I think those of us that dislike having FQDN's for each device hate it because it looks bad on maps, reports and resources. 

I think it might be nice to be able to decouple the domain name from the host name, but still give the option to display it.   ie:  if you hover over something, rather than cropping the FQDN because its too long, or maybe worse yet displaying the whole thing and having a big long pop up box there, would it be nicer to have the hostname on the first line, with the domain name on the second line?    And in resources where its displaying the top 10 XYZ resource.  Maybe it would be nice to either group by domain within the resource, or maybe even have the top X for each domain?

In reports I'd could definitely see it being useful to decouple the domain name from the host name, then you could sort by domain name, group by it, or even choose which domain to produce the report for.

Right now though I still think its just annoying!!

Sounds like a new Feature Request, Craig . . .  I like the idea!

How about a compromise?
A field for the short name and another field fro the domain name?

That way maps & tables could use the short snappy names

but if needed they could then be grouped/reported/alerted by domain

But it would still need Orion to work out which part was which when DNS reported differently form SNMP

Sounds like another Feature Request.  Make it so!

rschroeder good idea, thanks. I created

I tweaked the instructions above slightly to provide more exact instructions for the new version of Windows server my Orion uses. 

Rick Schroeder, 20170629

To match your node names up to the DNS name you can do this in the database manager

update n

set caption = dns

from nodes n

where dns <> ''

Before I run that I always spot check things list to make sure nothing weird is going to happen (all these extra fields help me to notice when something is out of place)

select caption, dns, sysname, ip_address, Vendor

from nodes

where dns<> ''

Very helpful.  Thank you!

This worked great, thank you!

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