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How to Use Poller Checker Tool

I have seen thwackers asking how do we get to know which OID's are being accessed by NPM , how does it calculate cpu, memory etc etc. I have as well seen a couple of questions like "we just upgraded our NPM and we see a sudden spike in memory on our Linux boxes (when you see a sudden spike then defn you would be able to figure out why )" - you would find the answers right here -> Poller Checker Tool


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This tool was very useful to solve one problem we had with two ASR1001, the memory was polled with the wrong OID and was always at 95%.

This tool is great when I test it on nodes, but when I switch the "Test on:" field to Volumes, nothing ever populates in the 2nd column, and I've tried selecting a node and a few of its volumes, and hitting "Detect Pollers" but I'm getting nothing.  Any ideas?

Volumes were not included in Poller checker Tool earlier, it was only linked to Nodes. Poller Checker Tool was used by Solarwinds folks to diagnose issues. I guess they are trying to extend this tool for Volumes as well. But for now there is no functionality related to Volumes in Poller Checker Tool. You would only see Volumes listed in there - but they are dummy.

Hope this helps.


I have a question regarding this my poller checker mine must be a few years old now and i haven't actually updated it so brings a few questions how does the poller checker maintain itself lol.

so MIBs changing so how do i make sure the poller checker is up-to-date. now i thought about it dose the poller check use the most recent MIB to return values?

Poller checker tool picks the details used by Solarwinds, hence when you upgrade your base module to the new version like say from NPM 11X to 12X the changes on OID's if any would automatically reflect on Poller checker. 

How to Update OIDs using Poller Checker

Success Center  Can the pollers available in the Poller Checker be changed using the API? We discovered we have 100s of devices that are not using the correct pollers for CPU and Memory. Instead of N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen3, they are configured for N.Cpu.SNMP.HrProcessorLoad. Instead of N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoGen4, they are configured for N.Memory.SNMP.NetSnmpReal. Of course those pollers don't work, so we need to get them back to the correct ones. The Poller Checker requires you to check each and every device. There is no way to select, for example, all devices of model "29xx", or even all Cisco devices.

Poller Checker is the solution provided by Solarwinds support and they cannot advise on the API.



Hi @hebron1212 

For sure this is not going to be straight forward:

1. I haven't explored much of Orion SDK, but on thwack there is a group who use this, post the same query there, you might get some help from them.

2. There is a catch here, Database schema of SolarWinds Orion is not exposed anywhere, even though you find out the schema there's always a chance of it being changed when you upgrade your modules.

3. Main point - through Poller Checker you are just modifying this configuration temporarily - confused ??? 🙂 but this is how it is, the changes made by you on Poller Checker would only remain till you don't upgrade your Orion modules in the environment, once you upgrade your SolarWinds Orion platform these changes will be lost and you will have to redo them - this is how it was in the previous versions (of NPM and SAM), and I am suspecting this is how it still is.


@hebron1212 - , post your query here and check if you can use an API for your use case.


So, an upgrade would re-assign invalid pollers to the devices? I failed to specify that the devices have *both* Cisco and non-Cisco pollers assigned. (How that came to be is a mystery.) In my question, I should have said in addition to N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen3, they are also assigned N.Cpu.SNMP.HrProcessorLoad. And, in addition to N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoGen4, they are also assigned N.Memory.SNMP.NetSnmpReal. So there are actually 2 CPU pollers and 2 memory pollers assigned to all the devices. The invalid pollers are taking precedence over the valid ones, and so they need to be removed.

I will definitely re-post to the API group.


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