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How long each Node or Interface was down. NPM_v.10.6

This resource shows durations of any nodes or interfaces.

Any question here



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Ok The only thing I see missing from this is the node name on the interface charts. It's helpful to know the node the interface is on

Jeff N
Thanks for your support.
but unfortunately i can't see this summary report in the list.
your ZIP file contains to folder; SQL and Inetpub. I've copied all files in my inetpub folder. but i don't see the report in the list.
i don't know what i have to do with the uploaded sql folder.(if it need any action!!!?)
please more details.
I am using Solarwinds 9.5 SP5 and tried several times to add mentioned resources according to instruction included in the attached file but unfortunately i did not succeed at all. I downloaded the ASP.NET files and imported the SQL but when i tried to add resources , i did not see anything like HOW long each nodes went down. I will appreciate it if someone help me to find the cause of the problem and guide me how can i use this amazing feature and report.
same as above

Works great for me, exactly what we were looking for

Am interested in implementing this functionality. Anyone have a chance to test the code with NPM 10.4?

Thank you. The code works on NPM 10.4.2

But you need replace "Gb's_DetachResource" with "Gbs_DetachResource" in file:




and rename

Gb's_DetachResource.aspx to Gbs_DetachResource.aspx

Gb's_DetachResource.aspx.cs to Gbs_DetachResource.aspx.cs

IIS does not like ' in the file name

Thanks Again

The code works on NPM 10.4.2



Its Perfect

Works great. Very nice. Thank you Gob. We are running NPM 11.0.1. I installed it on our test box, no issues with installation procedures as your steps are clearly described.. We are planning to install this on our production NPM 11.0.1 - does anyone know of any reason why we should not install on a production NPM 11 Additonal WebServer - please let me know. (i was thinking of installing on our additional webserver, and not our main engine).

I just found this as I am a noob to Solarwinds administration.  This looks like what I was looking for. Thanks!

Has anyone gotten this working with NPM 12?  Not sure what needs to be modified.

good question...

same question! I haven't found the issue yet.

trying to revisit this today. I wonder if cahunt​ has ever ended up looking into this further?

no, but now I should. Thanks for the reminder designerfx​!

Please let me know. Web isn't my specialty and I don't really have anyone here to assist on that one

a Quick check and this was the most recent on the Questions thread - Re: How long each interface or node was down.

but that doesnt seem to work for v12 right off the top. I am trying to adjust slightly to sql. Will see what I end up with.

I have the same question!

Can we get this working in NPM 12.0, 12.01 and 12.1?

Thanks much,


You can create much the same effect with custom SWQL queries, see this post for the down nodes resources

Re: How long each interface or node was down.

-Marc Netterfield

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Here's an updated version of this tool:

Node Downtime with Duration and Minimum Length Filtering

There is a trick to use this view on 12.x ,  download the and keep handy with you in Orion web server,  open two tab,

one for this folders "\HLWD-M\10.6\Inetpub\SolarWinds",

and another one for "C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\"

run the configuration wizard, once configuration wizard stoped the services and removed the files and folder from "C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\"

copy the Orion folder from "\HLWD-M\10.6\Inetpub\SolarWinds" to "C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\" and wait for the configuration wizard complete.

you will have the same feature back

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