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Emerson Network Power Liebert UPS Device Poller

Emerson Network Power Liebert UPS Device Poller

Emerson Network Power (Closet Class UPS for Edge Switches)

Manufacturer Liebert Corporation

Liebert UPStation GXT




Configure an advanced alert trigger condition to notify you when upsSecondsOnBattery is NOT equal to 0. This is when the UPS switched to Battery Back Up.

In that same alert configure the reset condition to notify you when upsSecondsOnBattery IS equal to 0. This is when inline power has returned.

 To display the custom poller you will have to add it to your node details page in NPM.







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Tested and working on GXT2-1500RT120
How do you get upsSecondsOnBattery to show up in your alert criteria since its a dropdown?
Glad you got it figured out Robust 57. Recent NPM upgrades also allow you to display it as a gauge, attachments to follow.
Hmmm, I configured the alert but it doesn't work for me. Could we revisit this discussino?
Hi Butch,

Sent you an email.

All good
Wondering how you have the bar gauge. I only have radial options.
How did you get the bar guage I cant find it anywhere?

On the node details page select "Customize this page" add the custom poller to it and you can select the gauge from any of the ones available.

nvm.. i figured it out. thanks
Hi Koz,

I am new to this, I just downloaded the UPS poller, what now?

Hi guys,

we would like to add native support of Liebert UPS devices. Could you please send me (michal.hrncirik at SNMP walks for investigation purposes?



Does this work for IntelliSlot IS-UNITY-DP devices?

I've imported one UnDP file for Liebert and most of the Pollers didn't work correctly.

Thanks all!

Update: This did not work for my IS-UNITY Card. I had to create my own pollers by trial and error in the Universal Device Poller application. I'll post my UnPD profile once I finish tuning it.


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