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Emerson/Liebert UPS Monitoring

Emerson/Liebert UPS Monitoring

I have created 3 UnDPs for monitoring Emerson/Liebert UPS.  These have been tested with GXT2-2000RT120 model UPS.  These UnDPs include :

   1. upsEstimatedChargeRemaining
   2. upsEstimatedMinutesRemaining
   3. upsSecondsOnBattery

In my setup I've created linear guages for #1 and #2.  Advanced alerts can leverage these values as needed. 

Please PM me if you have any questions.

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Huge thanks for posting. Saved me time.
Thank you for this. We're deploying Lieberts and needed to setup a UnDP for them.

Hi guys,

we would like to add native support of Liebert UPS devices. Could you please send me (michal.hrncirik at SNMP walks for investigation purposes?



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