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Eaton UPS Custom Poller

Eaton UPS Custom Poller

Let me know how this works out for you.


How did this work out for people?

Thanks, Peter! (TinMann0715?)

I've imported it into the UnDP GUI app, and assigned it to an Eaton 9390 (big, datacenter UPS).

I added a Universal Device Poller Status widget to the Node Details page.

I get some strange results that don't show up in the Power Xpert Gateway:

  • xupsBatCurrent     0     4:12 PM
  • xupsBypassNotAvailable     Yes     4:12 PM
  • xupsInternalFailure     Failure Detected     4:12 PM
  • xupsLowBattery     Yes     4:12 PM
  • xupsOnBattery     Yes     4:12 PM
  • xupsOnBypass     Yes     4:12 PM
  • xupsOutputOverload     Overloaded     4:12 PM
  • xupsShutdownImminent     Yes     4:12 PM

Clicking items for voltages and currents from the Universal Device Poller Status widget does produce expected values. I don't have any alarms, so I can't say how well that worked with our model.

What model Eaton UPSes is this intended for?

For example, when I test the OID for xupsShutdownImminent in the UnDP GUI app, it reports "The OID is not supported".

So I think you should attempt to list what models of Eaton UPS the poller works with.

Meanwhile, I'll just delete the unsupported pollers.


Im trying to build a custom poller for the Eaton 9300 series as well, cannot use the udnp as its not supported on our version of Solarwinds :-)

I have a list of OID's that work but no idea how to get them into a poller :-(

Curious what OID's are working for you?

anyone got this to work ? I have old eaton equipments 6000s

I've had experience with EATON years ago but it worked with SNMP v.1 as I remember. Maybe this will may be a hint.

yea, unfortunately, we are required to use snmpv3

I gave up with SW and downloaded the Eaton software and run that on a vm.

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