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Disable Precompiled Web Pages; Making Custom Mods Great Again!

A long time ago, in a monitoring environment far far away...

Custom ".resource" files were fairly simple and straightforward, allowing users to alter what they had, or just build something new altogether. As time went on, SolarWinds evolved and improved, and has changed many aspects of its products over the years. Most recently (NPM 12, I believe), those with customized SolarWinds deployments saw another change, the precompiled webpages/site. At this point, almost all of the files we could previously edit, simply in a notepad, were precompiled and just became empty placeholders. That is, until now...

Now, I'm not a rocket surgeon, so I cannot guarantee this is the best way to do things here, but it has worked great for me.



  1. Youngling (Easiest/Most Basic; no coding experience required, no config wizard required, no system restart required, no system downtime.)
  2. Padawan (Easy/Basic; no coding experience required, config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/no downtime.)
  3. Jedi Knight (Moderately Difficult/Advanced; some coding experience required/recommended, config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/short duration downtime.)
  4. Jedi Master (Most Difficult/Advanced; advanced coding experience required, config wizard required, system/services restarts required, 30+ minutes downtime/maintenance window recommended, and other things that I do not even know I would need to know, required...)

This mod was performed on the following SolarWinds environment/versions: (It may, or may not work on other versions)

Orion Platform 2017.3.5 SP5, NCM 7.7, DPAIM 11.1.0, NPM 12.2, VMAN 8.2.0, NetPath 1.1.2, QoE 2.4, CloudMonitoring 2.0.0, SAM 6.6.0


  1. Access to the IIS server used for your SolarWinds environment
  2. Your trusty notepad of choice
  3. Permission to run the config wizard to rebuild the website folder

Before we begin,

PLEASE don't edit the system files/database without backing them up first.

If you see a friend or co-worker making changes without backing up first, please alert the authorities.

Friends don't let friends mod without backups.

"If it's not broke, then fix it until it is."

     -The smartest person ever

On the Orion webserver, open the following file in your notepad/editor.

\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\ConfigurationWizard.exe.config

This is where the real fun begins. Make sure your coffee is full and your bladder is empty, because this is gonna take some time...

On/around line 24 you should see something about "PrecompiledWebsiteDisabled".

The current/default value is set as "false".

Change this:

<add key="PrecompiledWebsiteDisabled" value="false" />

To this:

<add key="PrecompiledWebsiteDisabled" value="true" />

Save your file and continue editing th... uh, nope, that's it.

Yeah, we're all done here... Now you just need to run the config wizard for the website, and you should have all of your files back.

Okay, well, you were probably going to get a refill on your coffee anyway, and that other thing would have just happened naturally... so win-win-win...?

Seriously, that's it... There is simply nothing else to it... No overly complex procedure... Nothing... We're done!

Well, for the sake of thoroughness, I reckon I can drop in a before and after screenshot of the folder/files...?

Here is a screenshot of some of the files before disabling the default precompiled option: (5 files)


And here is a screenshot of that same folder after disabling the precompiled option: (24 files)


For more ways to customize your SolarWinds environment, make sure to check out this link, by CourtesyIT

How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds

Thank you,


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Will, an excellent contribution as always!!

Thanks a lot, I will go ahead and try this. Unfortunately, not sure whether I need to, since I've already made the decision to use Cacti for our customer-facing NMS. Besides the inability to modify stock pages, Solarwinds' account security just sucks and has for years. Did you know that regardless of a user's account permissions, they can use the new 'Search' functionality and view all sorts of data that they shouldn't even have access to? Issues like this have forced us to eliminate Orion externally and use it solely for internal viewing of data.

Just used this fix and got problem resolved. Thanks @wluther
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