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Customized Custom Properties Resource

Create your own customized version of the Custom Properties Resource

  1. Start by adding a new ‘Custom HTML’ resource to your ‘Node Details’ view. 
  2. Edit the newly added Custom HTML resource then copy and paste the code snip-it below into the HTML codeblock field.

<table id="custompropertieslist" class="NeedsZebraStripes">



  1. Information.Query("SELECT Field FROM Orion.CustomProperty WHERE Table='NodesCustomProperties'", function(result) {

var cps = [];

for (var y = 0; y < result.Rows.length; y++) cps.push(result.Rows[y][0]);

  1. Information.Query("SELECT " + cps + " FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties Where NodeId = ${NodeId}", function(result) {

for (var x = 0; x < result.Columns.length; x++) $("#custompropertieslist").append('<tr><td>' + cps[x] + '</td><td>' + (result.Rows[0][x] || '') + '</td></tr>');

}, function(error) {});

}, function(error) {});


  1. Adjust the ‘Title’ and/or ‘Subtitle’ of the resource to your liking
  2. Click ‘Submit’ to save your changes

You should now have a new resource on your Node Details page similar to the following


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Hi @aLTeReGo 

I really like this new feature of Information.Query from within Custom HTML, saves us writing the AJAX code.  

Any chance you could share more examples on Information.Query ? need to explore more of it's capabilities. 

Also any chance you could share example on posting / updating values from within Custom HTML. I am looking to have the ability of putting the members of group in maintenance mode at a click of link or button in HTML.


Thanks Abdullah

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