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Customised "Manage Groups" with a Search Box (SWQL)

Using the default “Manage Groups” to find a group from hundreds groups is a bit pain. We need a search box!  There are already a few Feature Requests to ask for this:


Here is a workaround.

You can use SWQL to build a Customised Manage Groups page with a Search Box.



1. Create a New Summary View

2. Add two resources in the view

• Custom Query

• Custom HTML

3. Edit “Custom Query”

• Copy SWQL from file “ManageGroupsSWQL.txt” and paste to “Custom SWQL Query”

• Enable Search

• Copy SWQL from file “ManageGroupsSWQL-Search.txt” and paste to “Search SWQL Query”

• Save (Submit)

4. Edit “Custom HTML”

• Title: Legend & Search

• Copy HTML from file “ManageGroupsHTML.txt” and paste to “Custom HTML”

• Save (Submit)


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Thanks! This will save us a lot of wasted scrolling and clicking.

You always do great work, hcy01uk​. Keep it up! (Please)

Thanks. I really like Solarwinds Suite and the Thwack. Recently I have other workloads and have to spend less time on Solarwinds, but will try to keep it up.

Is there a way to expand this allowing for deletion of groups through this as view as well?  I see in swql studio where you can invoke the orion.groups.deletecontainer, but am unsure how to incorporate that into this query 

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