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Custom Pollers for CPU and Memory Utilization of Fortigate devices

The file includes 2 Pollers

CPU Usage - SNMP GET on

Memory Usage - SNMP GET on

It is set to retain historical data.

Once you import the custom pollers from the Universal Device Poller utility, be sure to

- right click on the pollers and Assign them to the relevant nodes

- right click on the pollers and choose the Web Display options (Gauge and Chart options for 'Node Details - Summary' view is recommended)

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Thanks for posting- interesting timing...

Also check out the 10.7 RC released today: NPM 10.7 RC1 Now Available

We have a built in custom poller for Fortimanager. If for some reason it doesn't work, you would simply need to map the OIDs above to the CPU / Memory fields.

For those that are looking for an updated device poller for a Fortigate (CPU & Memory) under Device Studio in NPM 10.7 / 11.x or higher, you may want to consider downloading this:

Fortigate CPU & Memory Poller

Hope it helps out if you have these in your environment and are wanting the CPU & Memory info.



P.S. And a thanks to HolyGuacamole for the initial posting of the UnDP (saved me time looking up the OIDs and more).

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