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Custom Node Tree

This is mod is basic, but does require the config wizard to be run.



  1. Youngling (Easiest/Most Basic; no coding experience required, no config wizard required, no system restart required, no system downtime.)
  2. Padawan (Easy/Basic; no coding experience required, possible config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/no downtime.)
  3. Jedi Knight (Moderately Difficult/Advanced; some coding experience required/recommended, config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/short duration downtime.)
  4. Jedi Master (Most Difficult/Advanced; advanced coding experience required, config wizard required, system/services restarts required, 30+ minutes downtime/maintenance window recommended, and other things that I do not even know I would need to know, required...)

This custom resource was created using the following SolarWinds version(s):

Orion Platform 2015.1.2, WPM 2.2.0, IPAM 4.3, NPM 11.5.2, QoE 2.0, IVIM 2.1.0

This custom resource only requires the NPM module, and should not require any other module(s). (As far as I know)

This mod does not require you to edit any files, and does NOT replace, overwrite, or make any changes otherwise, to the default system files.

Recently, bardeev‌ asked if there was a way to add an additional grouping level to the "Node Tree" resource, to use more than the 3 default groups. By default, of course, the answer is no. However, with a few modifications here and there, it is not too difficult to manually add a 4th grouping level.

Re: All Nodes Tree more then 3 levels


  • I have numerous custom modified resources scattered throughout my SolarWinds environment, each one works for me exactly how I need it to work.
  • I am a very inexperienced, and untrained, amateur (with the exception being all things Star Wars related, which does you absolutely no good here...)
    • Always backup your system/files BEFORE making any changes, and/or test with a demo/dev system before making changes to your production environment.
    • Please don't break your system, then blame it on me.
      • If you break your system, then blame it on me, please know, "I don't give a care...", "I told you so...", and/or "Nanna nanna boo boo, stick your head in doo doo..." will most likely be my response...










File Locations:








You will need to extract the 7 files listed above, contained in the attached "CustomNodeTree.rar" file, to the proper file/folder locations, also listed above.

After extracting the files to the correct locations, you will need to run the config wizard. You only need to choose "Website" when running the config wizard.


After the config wizard has completed,


you should be able to add the new "Ajax Custom Node Tree" resource to your summary page. (Being the first time to add a resource after running the config wizard, there will be a brief delay to cache some resource data)


Now that the new resource has been added,


you will need to edit the resource, by clicking the "Edit" button in the upper right-hand corner of the resource.

Once on the edit resource page, you should now be able to choose a 4th level to group your nodes with.

After you have chosen your 4 grouping levels, click the "Submit" button to save them and return to the results.


You should now see your "Ajax Custom Node Tree" resource using 4 grouping levels, instead of the default 3 levels.


Again, everyone uses their system(s)/environment(s) differently. While some might want to use fewer grouping levels, other may want more.

Now everyone can be happy... at least for this, very specific, topic.

Thank you,


--If you are interested in customizing, and/or modifying your SolarWinds environment. CourtesyIT has put together a terrific "Page of Pages" (PoP), "List of Links" (LoL), okay, you get the idea... Please visit his page, How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds, and discover a better way to enhance your SolarWinds environment. Make sure to bookmark, like, and rate his page, as it will help you, as well as others after you.

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wluther‌, I like the the difficulty rating on that you have come up with.  I wonder if we incorporated this ratings into some of the customization's I have called out to give the users a better understanding and confidence in working with the various solarwinds products. 

maria.bungau‌ and DanielleH‌ what are your thoughts on a usability rating for various customization's. 

CourtesyIT‌ Thanks!

I actually made a feature request to, somehow, incorporate this into Thwack posts by default.

I also tried it on the previous post I made last week, Make ALL Links, In A SWQL Custom Query Resource, Open In New Tabs By Default, and I really do think it will most definitely help everyone interested in implementing anything on your giant list of projects: How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds

(I know I don't need to re-link your own links here, but I just can't help it...)

Thanks again, and I'm definitely on board with you in getting anything that would help us better structure everyone's content.


CourtesyIT‌, I think this calls for a feature request ->> thwack Community Feature Requests‌.

yes, seconding /thirding/twenty-fiftithing how awesome the Ratings System is!

Hi All,

Sorry for opening the closed thread.

I am trying this solution in evaluation license but no luck. After placing the files in mentioned location and running the conf. wizard , the files are used to be wiped out for there locations.  Could you please do let me know what exactly need to take care while implementing the solution .

Thanks for help  !!




Was just wondering if you knew if this custom modification still works in NPM 12.0.1?  I believe in the new version the ability to do this has changed as the files are removed once the configuration wizard is run on the server.

Any thoughts/concerns on this appreciated.


lonzom​ & rawatp

I have not yet actually upgraded our production environment to NPM 12, so I have not worked on a new process to implement this solution yet. At first glance, it appears SolarWinds is now using/calling virtual paths within the dll files, which is why we are no longer seeing the actual .ascx files inside the folders. Unfortunately, my schedule is overbooked this week, and I will probably not have much time to work on it until the start of next year.

Thank you,


So, using this package, if I don't use the standard Node Tree on top of the Ajax tree, the groups never load.

The Level 1 groupings load fine. As soon as I try to expand another group it just says "loading". If I add the standard Node Tree resource to the view, the sub groups load fine on both the regular node tree and the Ajax node tree.


Hey Will, i too would like to use this solution in NPM 12.0.

Have you found a way to make it work?

Thank you,


alin14​ In regards to keeping the custom resources after running the config wizard, you can try the following:

Custom Graphing: Fun With Highcharts

The Easy Way

     1) On the main SolarWinds server (web server), navigate to the following folder:


     2) Delete the following file: (If you are uneasy about deleting files on your server, you can also rename it, as long as that filename does not exist in that folder)


     3) Open the IIS Manager, and navigate to the "Application Pools" section.

     4) Select the "SolarWinds Orion Application Pool", and then click "Recycle", under the "Application Pool Tasks".

The next time you customize a page, and attempt to add your new resource (or any resource), SolarWinds will rebuild the "WebResourceCache.xml" file, and your new custom resource will magically appear.

("The Easy Way" has been brought to you by the following sponsor: antonis.athanasiou. Here is a link to his actual comment/process: )

That is how I have been doing it recently.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,


Hi wluther

I added this resource, but It's not working properly.

My node tree has four levels, but when I open the last level all nodes that fit in the 3rd grouping level are shown.

So I have the same nodes in each 4th grouping level.

Have you seen this issue before?

I'm using NPM 12.3 and Orion Platform 2018.2


No, I'm sorry, but I have not revisited this resource in a long while now. I don't actually use this resource, and only made it as a request from another, as well as to help me learn more about the inner workings of the product. If I had to guess, I would say there is a good chance I had done something incorrectly to begin with, and maybe the 12.3 upgrade finally broke the mod?

If this is a feature you need, I would recommend creating/voting on a feature request for this functionality, as SolarWinds does much better work than I do.

Thank you,



Just an update on this mod, since I have received a few DMs asking how to "fix" it, and make it work with current versions of NPM.

I have tested this mod on my dev system, which is running the following versions:

Orion Platform 2018.4, VNQM 4.5.1, SRM 6.7.1, IPAM 4.8.0, SAM 6.7.1, SCM 1.0, DPAIM 11.1.1, NCM 7.9, VMAN 8.3.1, Toolset 11.0.7, NetPath 1.1.4, LM 1.1.1, NPM 12.4, NTA 4.5.0, UDT 3.3.2, WPM 2.2.3

As far as I can tell, everything appears to still be working fine.


If you are having issues with this mod not working, not showing up after running config wizard, and/or not being listed when adding resources/widgets to a view, then please read the following post.

Disable Precompiled Web Pages; Making Custom Mods Great Again!

Some time between when I created this mod and the current NPM version release, a few changes had been made to how the config wizard handles the files on the web server. The link above should allow your system to retain modified files, which should in turn allow this mod to show up, to be used.

Thank you,


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