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Cisco - Last Reload Reason

This Universal Device Poller, when applied to your Cisco IOS devices, will show you the cause/reason why the device was last reloaded.


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This is awesome, however I have a question.  I have 2 UnDP for cisco devices I'm using - this one and one that shows CDP neighbors.  When I add this  "universal device poller status" to the node details view, it shows me the status of both of those pollers.  Is there anyway to just show the reload reason?


Hey can you tell me how to get the actual view in my summary page please?

I have imported the custom poller; applied it to all my cisco devices but I am stuck figuring out what it is called as a view so I can add it to my summary page.

Thank you


Tabular Universal Device Poller resource

Hmmm. I can't get this to show up.... looking


Thank you for the response.

I ran into an issue after adding the Tabular Un Dev Pol as indicated.

The choice when configuring the resource does not show "whyReload".

I have included a screen of my UDP showing the correct poller & devices it is on (I enabled it on all my ciscos.. switch, router etc..).

Any thoughts on why it is not showing up for me to choose?

Thanks again!SW.jpgSW01.jpg

I rebuilt the poller and I noticed that assigning it as a chart table is not an option. This may be a problem with my version. I'm on Core 2012.2.2, NPM 10.4.2.

I cant see it to install it as a chart either.

I am on Orion 2014.1.0  NPM 10.7SW03.jpg

@automag928 - What type of resource did you use to view the poller?


I RDP'd into my SW server.

From there I opened the SW "Universal Device Poller" from the programs/SolarWinds Orion/Network Performance Monitor.

Once the program loads, On the left I see the list of "all defined pollers", click the "+" next to Cisco & "whyReload" is at the bottom.

I click on "whyReload" & in the right pane it shows me details about the poller & below that is the list of devices using the poller.

I have all my cisco devices associated with it but mostly I wanted to know about my routers & switches.

Recheck a node detail page. Mine has autopopulated the resource as "Custom SNMP Pollers". No need to add it manually. I should have remembered this! **Facepalm**


I just checked a cisco router node.

I have looked in each of my "tab's" starting with the Summary & ending with the Universal Poller Stats tab.

None shows the "custom SNMP Pollers".

I then proceed to "customize page" so I can add the custom snmp pollers but it does not show up as an option to add to the view.

What I do however have is the "Universal Device Poller Status"
Now this WILL show the line I want BUT it also lists every other Universal Poller Stat that I am already showing in other charts on the Universal Poller Stat tab.



is there a way to add the date to the results?

If you look at my above screen cap, you will see the reason & the time of day but not the date.

That would be nice too.

Thank you

The timestamp indicates the last poll time, not the state change time/date. The date here is always today's date. I think a Last State Change column would be very helpful, but that is a feature request. I'll vote it up if you post it.

good suggestion Andy.


and done

I am looking to take this in another variation.  I would like to be able to show all devices that have rebooted in the last 72-96 hours.  Does anyone know how to pull this information or is it more tied to the Feature Request above. 

The following report should be a good starting point.

Cisco Reload Reason Report

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