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Cisco ASA Active VPN Connections

This Universal Device Poller will collect the following information from your Cisco ASA devices


  • Current number of active IPSEC VPN Sessions Terminated on the ASA
  • Current number of active  WebVPN Sessions Terminated on the ASA
  • Current number of active Lan-to-Lan VPN Sessions Terminated on the ASA
  • Total Number of active VPN Sessions Terminated on the ASA

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sorry to ask a stupid question, how do I install this?
Forget it, figured it out.
Cheers anyway
I need help installing this, can someone help me here?
Getting a 0 length file when i download it!!
Hi Brown can you explain me how to do it.

Hi Brown can you explain to me how I can install this thanks,
Download the UnDP and open the Universal Device Poller on the Orion server SolarWinds Orion -> Network Performance Monitor -> Universal Device Poller". From the file menu select "import" and import the downloaded file. From there assign the Universal Device Pollers to your nodes.
Sorry, I should have clarified. The device was re-added to Orion and the pollers reassigned, but this did nothing. The IPSec, L2L & total connections are showing statistics. Just not the WebVPN sessions. Thanks.
jasonafink, it's possible Cisco made some changes to their SNMP MIB in v8.4(2). Without a MIB walk of the device it's difficult to say for certain. I'd recommend performing a MIB walk of the device and comparing the results to the UnDP. If the WebVPN OID is missing or returning no data you should contact Cisco support for details.
We were using this for a few months now without issue, but we recently updated the firmware on the ASA to 8.4(2) and now the SSL/Web VPN connections show a status of 0. Any suggestions on this?
Hi aLTeReGo, yes we contacted Cisco TAC and they tested and confirmed that it is an issue w/ the FW release 8.4(2). The OID did not change from the previous.

Now the client that I am working on this for is stating that they spoke to Solarwinds who said it is because 64bit counters are not enabled. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe that this has anything to with 64 bit counters. I don't think that they would be neccessary for this. As per this article from Cisco:

Any opinion on this? To test I enabled 64bit counters and received the same value of zero active connections.
jasonafink, 64bit counters are for integer values that roll over too quickly between polling cycles such as 10GB interfaces which isn't an issue here. It sounds like Cisco support identified the issue as being related to 8.4(2) firmware. I'd recommend upgrading to the latest stable release and seeing if that resolves the issue.

Hello to all! must enter from the server and import ORION Universal Device Poller. And ready.

Hello to all! must enter from the server and import ORION Universal Device Poller. And ready.

Very Nice aLTeReGo

Same here.


Thanks for the UDP!!!

I know this is a late response, but to those who didn't know, as I didn't until I figured it out. You have to go to the server Orion is installed on and Start>All Programs>SolarWinds Orion>Network Performance Monitor>Universal Device Poller.

Click on File>Universal Device Pollers. Browse to the udp file and import it. You then look under "All Defined Pollers" and from there you can manage it. Hope this saves some time for anyone.

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