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APM Component Monitors that are not Inheriting from their Original Template

This report lists all Component Monitors that are not inheriting from their original Application Template.

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I really don't think report even works.  I've been forced to change some 1000 components back to inheriting because we broke inheritance testing out base lining yet this report shows the exact same number of components "not inheriting" as it did before...

Old thread granted but as I didnt find the answer elsewhere I thought I'd post this.

This SQL (borrowed and modified from the original SQL query) seems to work better and lists all components that deviate from their templates along with their new thresholds

USE SWMonitoring

SELECT APM_Component.ID, APM_ApplicationTemplate.Name AS ApplicationTemplate, Nodes.Caption, APM_Component.Name AS Component, APM_Threshold.ThresholdName, APM_Threshold.Warning, APM_Threshold.Critical

FROM APM_Component

INNER JOIN APM_Application ON APM_Component.ApplicationID = APM_Application.ID

INNER JOIN APM_ApplicationTemplate ON APM_Application.TemplateID = APM_ApplicationTemplate.ID

INNER JOIN Nodes ON APM_Application.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID

LEFT JOIN APM_Threshold ON APM_Component.ID = APM_Threshold.ID

WHERE APM_Component.ID IN (SELECT ID FROM APM_Threshold WHERE IsTemplate = 0 AND ID IN (SELECT APM_Component.ID FROM APM_Component JOIN APM_Application ON APM_Application.ID = APM_Component.ApplicationID))

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