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APM Component Monitors Whose Credentials are not Inherited from the Original Template

This report shows a listing of all APM Component Monitors whose credentials are not inherited from their original application template.

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Has this SQL Query been updated, I cant seem to run it on a 2105 DB.  The issue I have is that an account which password recently changed is getting locked out every 2 minutes. Logs show that its comping from an APM template but I've searched all templates with a node assigned and cant find it.  I verified its not Windows nor SAM credentials.

[STP Pool:4 Thread #0] [A2503] [C0] Error Solarwinds.APM.Probes.PerformanceCounters.ManagedCounterFetcher - Exception Caught.

System.ComponentMOdel.Win323Exception (0x80004005):  Access is Denied

I just confirmed this report works without issue on SAM 6.2.2. I'm not sure where you're seeing that error or why. Ensure you have placed the file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports" on the Orion server itself. You can then access the report through the Windows Report Writer application, or view the resulting report through the Orion web interface under  [Home -> Reports]

I work in a closed environment with no access to the internet. I extracted the SQL command out of the report, and ran it using the DB Manger.

SELECT n.Caption as Node, a.Name as Application, c.Name as Component, cs.[Key], cs.Value from APM_ComponentSetting cs

INNER JOIN APM_Component c ON cs.ComponentID = c.ID

INNER JOIN APM_Application a ON c.ApplicationID = a.ID

INNER JOIN Nodes n ON a.NodeID = n.NodeID

WHERE cs.[Key] = '__CredentialSetId'

Correct, that is the SQL query. This query can be run through SQL Studio as shown below if the Orion Report Writer is not available.

SQL Query.png

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