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APE Install Errors If you have to reinstall or WPM cannot uninstall


Attempting to install SolarWinds (multiple products) and encounter an error that TFTP times out to to a service timeout.

If change the service timeout to accommodate and attempt install again you get an error on the installer (not able to attach a screen capture: error is "Communication process failed for the primary Orion server.  Some of selected products have dependencies that haven't been found on source environments").



Review of installed software shows that WPM is still installed, even after using solarwinds uninstaller powershell script (currently only available to SW support employees, if a mod says its ok I'll upload).




Use the SolarWinds uninstaller PowerShell script (currently only available to SolarWinds employees).

Use the tool ”MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab" to remove the stuck WPM program that cannot be removed normally.  Uploaded below (had to, so extract directory).

Cleanup any directories SolarWinds uses (EX:C:\programdata\SolarWinds’, and your software installation directory, I use E:\).

Remove SolarWinds Registry references the uninstaller does not get.  (EX: HTLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/*SolarWinds*).

Make sure to set the service timeout value if you ran into the initial TFTP install error that kicked off this issue.


     Add new DWORD value: ServicesPipeTimeout

     Decimal, type '180000'



Run installer as normal.

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Absolutely hate this bug, bit me several times now. 

Next time try with an older installer.

You will get a notification that you are using an older installer and it will start downloading the new one. Once the download is completed you will have the options to start or continue the previous installation, and if you chose continue installation it will skip Communication process failed: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

For me it worked for 2 different communication errors .

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