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APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers

This is a fairly comprehensive collection of Universal Device Pollers for APC SmartUPS devices. If by chance something is missing from this template that you'd like to see reply to this posting and I'll update as needed.

Import this UnDP into Orion

To import this UnDP into the Universal Device Poller download the file to your Orion Server and then open the Universal Device Poller Win32 application (Start - Programs - Solarwinds Orion - Network Performance Monitor - Universal Device Poller). From the "File" menu select "Import Universal Device Poller". Click "Open", browse to the location when you saved the downloaded file and click "Open". Select "SmartUPS" from the left hand window of the Universal Device Poller Import Wizard and click "Import". Finally click "OK".


Apply This UnDP to Nodes

To apply this UnDP to your APC UPS equipment open the Universal Device Poller as described above. Click on "Assign Pollers". Expand "All pollers", check the box next to "SmartUPS" and click "Next". Expand “All Nodes” and select the APC SmartUPS device from the list of Orion monitored nodes and click “Finish”.


Add the Universal Device Poller Status to your View

Click “Admin” in the top right of the Orion web interface and then click “Manage Views” under “Views”. Select "Node Details" from the list and click "Edit". Click the green [+] to add a resource to the view. Under the "Node Detail Reports - Resources that apply to a single network node" select "Universal Device Poller Status" and click “submit” to add the Universal Device Poller Status to the Node Details view. Lastly click “Done”. Your changes will be saved and you’ll be returned to Manage Views. Now when you navigate to a node that has the SmartUPS UnDP applied to it the Universal Device Poller status tabular data will be displayed in the web interface of Orion.

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Thanks, I will open a case up.  I will let you know what support comes back with. 

I have been using the APC SmartUPS UnDP for while on our APC fleet of mostly SmartUPS 1500s.  We now have a few online APC devices and the UnDP does not seem to be getting battery pack and cartridge monitoring.  We had a SRT10KRMXLT that needed 2 battery cartridges replaced and the upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator did not change status.  I suspect this may be due to the UnDP not polling the battery pack cartridges.  I am trying to understand what OID or OIDs may need to be added to this UnDP to poll the battery catridges.  I have downloaded the latest PowerNet MIB from APC and GetIf but not quite sure what to do with them to try to figure out the OIDs that may need to be used.  Any guidance would be very appreciative.  Thanks.

Note that this functionality is now native to the Orion Platform and no longer requires the use of Universal Device Pollers starting in NPM 12.3 and SAM 6.6.1.

We are currently on NPM 12.1 and have the planning process to upgrade to 12.3 but it may be a few months before we are ready (due to some server upgrades that need to happen).  Would you have any additional suggestions?  Thanks.

I would recommend starting with a MIB walk from the device to determine exactly what values they device is reporting. You can download our free MIB walk utility at the link below.

SolarWinds SNMP Walk: A new tool for collecting SNMP MIB walks - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and...


Does something like this exist for Raritan PDU devices?  Model PX3-5000 series devices.

Sorry, @jjroncag. Unfortunately, I don't have access to any Raritan devices. If I did, I'm sure I would have created a UnDP for it already. 

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