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will you network gurus explain something for me?

is there any advantage of having a low utilized circuit yet the Response Times through it are high?

for example, with a circuit having low utilization of 10% but yet Response Times through it, end-to-end, are over 100msec.

my argument is that SNMP suffers when the Response Time is over 100msec.

what could be the cause of high Response Times through a under utilized circuit? The end router or switch is my guess. what else?

thanks for any help.

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Going to need addtional information to answer your questions:

circuit type, (CIR if any) & distance?

CPU and Memory stats on the end station being monitored

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i have a colleague arguing that a circuit with very little utilization should always have fast response times, but i differ with that.

we have an shared MPLS circuit - sharing a 12Mbps link. this one site uses only 10% of the link but has high Response Times, which is my concern for SNMP monitoring this remote site.


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I would say that a private circuit with low utilization should always have a relatively consistent response time, but not necessarily low latency.  If you add additional factors like satellite, wireless, VPN tunnels, or distance then you are obviously going to have additional latency added to the trip.

For instance, I have a couple of hundred 384Kb frame relay circuits across the country.  I get 10ms response time at the sites local to me in Washington state and I get 95ms response times to the east coast.  Throw some data on there and the response times can get ugly because of the small pipe of course.

I monitor some sites over VPN to Australia with an average of 250ms with no issues from SNMP that I have seen.

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The end point devices as you've identified 

Line speed (28kbps, 10mbps, 10gbps)

Line quality forcing multiple retries (packet loss %)

Distance (6 feet, 10,000 miles, 99,999,999,999 miles)

Satelite, Microwave, Bluetooth, or other forms of slow links

Any number of devices that may be in the middle of the route from point A to point B and back again

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