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report schedule each minute


I´m looking for desperately any way to schedule a report with report Scheduler each minute.

Is there any hack to get this ?

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Alert action escalation.  Create an alert for your purposes.

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Please, can you tell me more about this ?

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Note step 7:  Select "Repeat this action every X minutes until the alert is acknowledged".

For your action, set the report via URL.

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I need an action to run a Report (SQL Query) and store the output to a file.

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I'm not seeing the use case for generating a new file every minute for anything that is polled from orion, especially since the vast majority of polled data is being collected on intervals between 2-15 minutes.  Why wouldn't you just set the polling intervals to collect your metrics every minute and then run a report showing each datapoint for an entire period of time?

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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