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"No activity to report" on a web console built report on NPM 10.6

Hello Everyone,

Trust you are doing great.

Actually I have an issue. In my work environment, the NPM 10.6 is used.

I created a report via the web console but upon trying to view the report, I got no data. What I saw on the report page is "No activity to report"

Please any advice?


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It is possible to get whole report and post in here I will look at it.

How to export Re: The secret lives of web-based reports

Preview in datasource picker is working? Could you please try create custom table from scratch and add "--${fromtime}" to query(without quotes.)

How to export Re: The secret lives of web-based reports


Level 10

Infact, another observation is that I wrote an SQL code using Advanced SQL.

In using this medium, you would not find any check box for "Group Historical Data by Days" to check or uncheck.

So, why wouldn't I be able to spool the report via web console without the "No activity to report" pop-up?

This is exactly what I get whenever I tried to spool the report I just created via Report Writer (using Advanced SQL) on the Orion Web console.

It reads "No activity to report"

Please I need help ASAP.



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Go ahead and post your SQL query here so we can see what you're working with please.


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Hi ZackM,

Thanks for your comment.

Please, see the codes below.


IF (DatePart (weekday, GETDATE()) <> 7) AND (DatePart(weekday, GETDATE()) <> 1)

SELECT Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID, Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, Nodes.Location AS Location,
AVG(ResponseTime.Availability) AS AVERAGE_of_Availability

Nodes INNER JOIN ResponseTime ON (Nodes.NodeID = ResponseTime.NodeID)


(DatePart(Hour, GETDATE()) >= 😎 AND (DatePart(Hour, GETDATE()) <= 18)



  (Nodes.Caption LIKE '%%SWITCH-2960%%')

GROUP BY Nodes.NodeID, Nodes.Caption, Nodes.Location



Actually, I want to create a dynamic report that would run during the scheduled time and send the report to my email as an attachment.

Many thanks as you assist.



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I have tested this in both the web reporter and the legacy report writer with no issues on either one...


Legacy Report Writer:


The only thing I could see your error occurring with would be a lack of any real data.

If you run this query against your database, do you return results?


Nodes.NodeID, Nodes.Caption, Nodes.Location

FROM Nodes

WHERE Nodes.Caption LIKE '%%SWITCH-2960%%'

If that doesn't return any results, then your "WHERE" statement is limiting everything out. If you do get results, you may have an issue with the time restraints being placed on the query (8am - 6pm, m-f). Testing different options would be the only real way to find out.

Let me know what you get with that little test query. I'm hoping that's the issue, because that's an easy fix


Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

Hi ZackM,

The report actually works now while I run it via Orion Report Writer.

If I say I know what happened, I'm not saying the truth.

But via the Orion Web console, it's not working. I really do not know why.

However, you said something about running the query against my database; please how do you mean?

I have access to the Orion Database Manager. Do you mean running my query by opening a new query under ConfigMgmt?

I await your response.

Lest I forget, I observed something. After sometime, the query stops working; then resumes working well again.


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Level 17

First step would be to check the timeframe being reported on. Does preview in report writer function?

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I have come across the same issue with a report created in Report Writer showing packet loss history for the last 24 hours.  The report previews fine in Report Writer with two pages worth of data but when I attempt to view the same report in the Web Console it says "No activity to report."  This is a canned report:  Report Designer - Historical - Response Time and Packet Loss

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Got it, I'm a new user and didn't realize that there was a default node filter being applied.  Not sure if that is unique to the account I'm using or not.

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Hi Rob,  I have been able to understand what you mean by timeframe now.  Yes I have timeframe. Everything seems to be fine; yet,it is not working.  Please what do you advise?  Infact, I went on further to ensure that "Group Historical Data by Days" is unchecked.  Still, the same thing happens. Please, what do I do now?   Regards.  
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Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your response.

Actually, I do not understand what you mean but I like to clarify my part again.

The report I created was via the Orion Web Console, not via the Report Writer program at the back end.

So, please could you calrify what you mean by checking the timeframe been reported on?

I would really appreciate it.



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