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"Long request time" errors in OrionWeb.log leading to web UI crashing

Since upgrading to 2020.2, almost any time a user loads a node, interface or application page with the new charts, I get these errors in the web site log and the page never finishes loading. If the user leaves the page loading, the web UI will eventually crash requiring either a restart of services on the primary poller or a restart of the poller.

Has anyone seen this?

2020-09-10 10:37:53,050 [53] (53) WARN ASP.global_asax - (null) Long request time: [url:https://solarwinds.server/Orion/APM/Controls/ChartImage.aspx?ChartName=MonMMADynamicStatistic&FontSi...]
*** Assembly SolarWinds.NPM.Web.Gauge.V1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=6078881efdf7945d, .NET version v4.0.30319 ***
2020-09-10 10:37:53,425 [11] (54) WARN ASP.global_asax - (null) Long request time: [url:https://solarwinds.server/Orion/APM/Gauge.aspx?Scale=150&Style=Minimalist Semi&Property=Statistic&NetObject=AM:4751&GaugeName=DynamicStatisticDataAvg&GaugeType=Radial&Min=0&Max=10000&TickCount=500&Units=1&UnitsLabel=&StatisticValueName=Statistic][time:5815]
2020-09-10 10:37:53,829 [23] (55) WARN ASP.global_asax - (null) Long request time: [url:https://solarwinds.server/Orion/APM/Gauge.aspx?Scale=150&Style=Minimalist Semi&Property=DBPctUsed&NetObject=AM:4751&GaugeName=DynamicStatisticDataAvg&GaugeType=Radial&Min=0&Max=10000&TickCount=500&Units=1&UnitsLabel=&StatisticValueName=DBPctUsed][time:6219]
2020-09-10 10:37:54,329 [46] (56) WARN ASP.global_asax - (null) Long request time: [url:https://solarwinds.server/Orion/APM/Gauge.aspx?Scale=150&Style=Minimalist Semi&Property=LogPctUsed&NetObject=AM:4751&GaugeName=DynamicStatisticDataAvg&GaugeType=Radial&Min=0&Max=10000&TickCount=500&Units=1&UnitsLabel=&StatisticValueName=LogPctUsed][time:6719]

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Level 10


can you try and remove all temporary ASP.NET files and also the files in - c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp


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Along with your suggestion, these are the things that were recommended by support that I tried yesterday. I then reran the Configuration Wizard. This seems to have corrected the crashing of the web server (for now), but the referenced charts still never load. I have a feeling that over time, they may start crashing the web service again if I can't get this figured out.

Clear queues to address the long request times and long running queries:
Clear or purge RabbitMQ queues:
Clear Information service:
Repair the Information service:
Make sure that you put files and folders exclusions for Solarwinds from your Antivirus, as it looks like some files are being locked up by your antivirus:
Adjust the ephemeral ports or follow the article below to tweak the server for best performance, this is because of the socket connection time outs, and also the error below:
"FATAL SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common.RemoteFeatureManager - (null) Unable to load Feature Manager data from SWIS"
Please follow the article below:
Rebuild your Orion website:
Rebuild Orion website:

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Are you using anti-virus? if so have you excluded this for SolarWinds


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