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"Availability of each node" -view settings?


I would like to make an SQL Filter in this view which shows all nodes both the ones which is up and is down at the moment , with a % packetloss of more than 0 last 7 days.

Problem is that I cant see the nodes which is actually UP right now, but has a procentage of packetloss last 7 days.

I now use filter:

Nodes.PercentLoss > 0


Even if I put in

Nodes.PercentLoss > 0 AND Status = 1

There is no nodes showing at all , so seems like it cant show nodes which is up right now but has a certain downtime during the last 7 days.


Thanks in advance!

Andreas, Stockholm.

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You may try this out.

Log into the home page,on the top right corner you would find "Customize page" option.On this new customize page select + icon and add "All Nodes" from the Nodes list.By this way you are actually creating a separate view wherein add your Filter SQL,that is,percentloss>0.This should work.

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Okay, but that will show all nodes which have greater procentage than 0 , now. I would like to have a summary of all nodes that has been down any time during the last 7 days. Which it is in the "availability of each node" - view.

Only problem with the "availability of each node" - view is that it cant show last 7 day availability at nodes which have status up right now.



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Here is something which I would suggest to look for,if I am understanding your question right.

Navigate to the Events tab,select the Event Type as "Node Down" and have the Time Period set to "Last 7 days".

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