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Level 10

perfstack charts are extremely slow to load (if at all)

Since upgrading to 2019.4. I have noticed that perfstack charts on Node summary pages or creating new perfstack charts are extremely slow to load  Or does not load altogether. Sometimes a refresh is required or does not load at all.

Also noticed that when creating a perfstack chart or adding to an existing one. The metrics are taking at least 20mins (when they do) to load in the Metric PAlette

Anybody else have these issues. Thanks

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Level 10

Worked it out. Seems to be any device connected via a APE. Change to MPE and all is fine. will wait to hear what the issue with the APE's and update the thread. 

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@rocco_2016 - do you have a support case number on this you can share?  I want to be sure this is tracked with engineering as well. 

No Probs. Case # - 00498438


support have suggested


I'll go through logs today

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Ran this fix this morning. Quite a number of rows where deleted. So must have lots of subscriptions.


All Working great now

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