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Level 8

new discovery snmp will not work

    trying to do a discovery and cannot seem to get snmp to work

latest version of the nmc.

two nick one for  switch management and one for local intranet .

i can discover all my nodes and icmp works but when i try and setup snmp  it will not discover them

the devices are all switches cisco  2950 , 3560 and 3750 ,

snmp-communitry XXXX ro

snmp-communitry XXXx rw  are set in the switches but cant seem to get them to work

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Level 8

yes I did it was something really simple the characters  were not allowed by snmp .

Level 10

Did you ever get this working? Our system is no longer able to discover SNMP resources for systems that are already in the system and for new items. I can do an SNMP walk from the Orion server against the same devices.

Level 13

Can you access the switches via SNMP using anything but Orion?

Can you discover any other devices using SNMP?

Are there any access lists on the switches (or any intermediate devices) that may be blocking SNMP traffic to the switch from your Orion server (or blocking responses back to the Orion server)?

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