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Level 7

need help about Orion NPM database


I am a new user of solarwinds orion npm, and I have a task to extract some data from its database. Well I need to export reports in Excel format, but here in this entreprise where I am a trainee they say that they don't have access to the report writer so I think that I'll have to connect to the orion database through JDBC and use JAVA language and sql query to extract data. Any Idea about this??

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Level 13

SQL Server supports many connection methods. I sometimes use Excel and/or Access to connect to the database and perform quick queries.

For more complex reporting, I do nightly extracts to a separate database server so as to not load up the production server - this also might be a option for yourself if your access is limited to the production server.

Have a look here  for some idea's using Reporting Services.


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Thank you, interesting tutorial.

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