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my nexus core switches are not communicating witn SNMP

snmp-server user is configured correctly with authentication and privacy and still snmp is failing - no ACL blocking. The switch and the solarwinds server can ping each other. Anybody has any idea what this could be? Thanks for your help!

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I posted a long list of possibilities, but it disappeared twice. Instead of re-posting those possible issues, can we narrow down the issue some more.
1. Are you familiar with setting up a NX-OS for SNMP communications, if not, I'll post all the config settings needed for current NX-OS.

2. Is it actually saying it failed, or does it just spin and spin trying to find resources, if spinning, its a bug, I think my post kept getting deleted as I posted their fix for it, basically dll's need to be recopied.

3. Is your NX-OS old, and are you using AAA; if old you may need to ensure that the AAA server is sending the correct responce, some old NX-OS want to see roles = Network-Operator or similar instead of Priv 15.

Let us know.

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The issue is now resolved. I removed the read/write SNMPv3 credentials and kept only SNMPv3 credentials and it worked. Thanks to ALL for your assistance.


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Hi @jaguemon,


Try the credentials with the SNMP Walk tool.  If you’re receiving an SNMP error “Unknown user name”, but you’re certain that the username is correct, the other aspects that may be causing it are:

  • SNMP Permitted Managers
    This aspect is like an ACL.  It indicates which managers the agent will reply to.
  • VACM
    This aspect configures the OIDs that the managers may request.

I’m not a Nexus guy, so I’m not fluent in configuration on those types of systems.


Beyond SNMP walk you could also decrypt the traffic in Wireshark.  If you set up a capture filter for the one node you’re testing from the polling engine you’re attempting to add the node to, or run the walk from, you can also add the SNMP credentials in Wireshark and look at the responses to get an idea of the cause of the error.


Plain text responses on auth errors are:

  •, value = unknown username (or the above issues related)
  •, value = 18: wrong authentication password
  •, value = 18: wrong authentication protocol


If the packet returns encrypted but Wireshark couldn’t decrypt it, then there is a problem with the Privacy (aka Encryption) protocol or password.

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