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migration of NPM 9.1 - 9.5 sql express to Windows 2008 R2 sql 2008 R2 or winodows 2016 - sql 2008 R2

I have an existing license on this for 500 devices, its been outstanding job to be done, would Solarwinds honour the license to new product, as a school its not easy to find money for license cost on such a product.
To date backup database from old server SQl Express 2005 to copy and restore on SQL 2008 R2 but fails to configure DB
Thanks for your support, I keep on getting a common problem in configuration of existing DB NetPerfMon this is the result.
Database configuration failed:
•  Could not Alter DataType of Accounts.AccountID to varchar(100)[SQL-DMO]This index was generated by a DRI 'PRIMARY KEY' or 'UNIQUE KEY' CONSTRAINT and cannot be modified or dropped.

This is in the process of Update from NPM 9.1 - NPM 9.5
Does there need to be an sql script on this to allow DB to be modified tried on several blogs, changed Host name to DB
Further issues if creating new DB
Database configuration failed:
•  Exception while configuring plugin Orion Network Performance Monitor component Orion Network Performance Monitor Database. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The query uses non-ANSI outer join operators ("*=" or "=*"). To run this query without modification, please set the compatibility level for current database to 80, using the SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL option of ALTER DATABASE. It is strongly recommended to rewrite the query using ANSI outer join operators (LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN). In the future versions of SQL Server, non-ANSI join operators will not be supported even in backward-compatibility modes.

Does the DB of existing NetPerfMon have to have change on ANSI or is there options on SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL 
Please excuse me as I am not trained on SQL, if you send a reply could you break it down in parts of what needs to be done or point me in the right direction to resolve this issue.
I understand that this is being migrated from windows 2003 server to either Windows 2008 R2 that I think should work out of the box, but may be the Windows 2016 with SQL 2008 is a bit much of an ask.
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Hello since you are so far behind my suggestion would be to start brand new with a new database and running our latest version using Windows and SQL 2016. You will have to re-add the nodes but you can run both simultaneously as the new install will give you 30 days before you need to deactivate your license on your current environment and re-activate them on the new server.

Thanks for your reply I managed to get past the configuration Wizard but had fail error solarwinds Invalid object name 'dbo APM_Component' this from looking over the tables is a map I expect that failed on the source server, has flag for isdelete. I get 404 error on IS server . I agree the best option is start with new install on windows 2016 but most of our servers are moving to Windows 2019, but the install of Solarwinds NPM has a lot of issues of install not as easy for novice, I may look at OpManager but also do a side by side POC on both products . As our existing license was perpetual for 500 devices I do not wish to see this lost to migration. If you have any further comments please advice
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Orion can run on server 2019 and I think you will find the installer much easier to use than before as we have made a lot of improvements to the install process.

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Thanks for the reply will ask Softcat to look into costs for Trinity High School based on license we already have on a product we are told we can not upgrade due to a maintenance agreement, but we moved from Symantec backup exec to Arcserver and also just got away from Symantec SEP for Bitdefender then for what we need alternative product maybe the best option . Will keep you posted. Fred

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