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migrating NPM database from SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008

hi can any 1 share the procedure to migrate NPM database from SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008

is SQL 2005 DB is compatible with SQL 2008

As we are running NPM 10.0 and now we are moving to NPM 10.6 as per procedure we have to do up-gradation as per following steps to make DB work

Upgrade NPM to NPM 10.2

- Upgrade NPM to NPM 10.4

- Upgrade NPM to 10.6

is there any way to build a test server on which i can perform above up-gradation process so that i can have NPM 10.6 DB for my new Server ?

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Level 9

when ever i try to restore NPM DB of 10.0 to 10.1.3 on SQL server Management Studio it always show following error , kindly help me out to use NPM 10.0 DB on NPM 10.1.3

on NPM 10.0 iam using SQL server 2005

for NPM 10.1.3 i want to use NPM 10.0 DB on my new SQL server machine ( SQL server 2008)


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What steps did you perform to get to this place?

If you installed 10.1.3 on your new database and then tried to restore over it then I would expect it to fail because the schema do not match. The Application upgrade/install process includes steps that migrate the contents of your database to the new schema

the PDF document Rob linked to above is quite complete.

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Level 17

Have you perchance checked out our migration guide?

SQL 2008 also comes with a copy DB wizard to walk through that process. If you were looking to to test the procedure- previous versions are available in your customer portal or via support.

thanks for urs reply.

is there any way to use NPM 10.0 DB for NPM 10.6 DB because its lengthy process to upgrade NPM 10.0 to NPM 10.6 ?

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Negative- there are a host of schema updates that occur between 10 and 10.6