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Level 7

labels and thresholds

is there way to make a label color change according to threshold setting.  we have configured the utilization variable in link label, is it possible for the label color to change if the 80% utlization threshold is exceeded?


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Level 14

Yes but not easily.....

We are doing this on our maps and using a SQL stored procedure to update a node custom property which then can be used in the label.


For instance I created 3 node custom properties called 'Norma', 'Warning' and 'High'. I then created a stored procedure which calculates the current bandwidth utilization of the outbound traffic. In the stored procedure it looks at the value and if it is lass than 70% it updates the Normal field. If it is above 90% then it updates the High field otherwise it updates the Warning field. In each case it blanks out the other two fields.

I then placed 3 labels on the map for the node in question and assigned them ${Normal} - in blue, ${Warning} - in Orange and ${High} - in red. All overlapping.

Now when the map refreshes it should display the proper value in the proper color coded label.

Easy huh!

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CAn you please show how this is done? Can you please post the code sample.  some of us are not SQL gurus

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CAn we have some external means for customers to generate such changes, tcl, perl, etc

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