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is this normal? restart SNMP SERVICE and get a REBOOT event

i have a lab server which has the SNMP SERVICE running.

i have it discovered into Orion.

if I 'restart' the windows SNMP SERVICE on this server it generates an Orion event for 'Server ... rebooted'.

being curious...i did this same restart on the SNMP SERVICE at another box and it did the same exact event 'server 2 ...rebooted'.

anyone else seen this strange phenomenon with Events? or is this perhaps by design?

if so, help me to understand it's design purpose before i write any Alerts for 'reboots'.

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Level 8

 the restarted messages go off of uptime, which is a 32 bit counter that increments every 1/10 th second.  Restarting the snmp service restarts the counter.  the real kicker is that after about 419 days, the counter rolls over and starts over.  this will also trigger a restart message. 

Level 14

Restarting the snmp service restarts the counter.

Yeah, it's a real annoyance having to spend time going through the exercise of determining whether the event is the result of a real reboot, SNMP service restart or counter rollover.  I'm no SNMP MIB expert but you would think that there must be another MIB variable that could be interrogated to distinguish whether the sysuptime was reset as the result of a Windows restart, a SNMP service restart or a counter rollover? I'd like to see SW find a way to fix it and revise the event message.

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