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Level 12

is anybody having Orion 2020.2 Upgrade issues?

This new release looks like it has some awesome features so I am eager to install it.

Before I upgrade myself, I always like to see how other people's experience was. So for those of you that have upgraded, how was it?

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Level 9

I upgraded a small development environment. (less than 100 nodes total with NPM, NTA, and NCM).   The upgrade went "ok", but the VIM function isn't working at all.  The Virtualization Summary view is not updating, and there is no host to guest associations anymore.  I've been 2 weeks with support and no resolution yet.  At this point, going to wait some time before looking at upgrading my production environment. 

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Level 8

I'm upgrading our server to 2020.2 right now.
I started for about an hour ago, now it's stuck on "Installing Web Toolset, 2020.2" for about 45 minutes.
Is that normal? 😞

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I had a pending restart from an windows update on the server that caused the installation from resuming.

I cancelled the upgrade, restarted the server and resumed the upgrade.

Now everyting goes much better. 🙂

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Level 7

Not good, I had to roll back to 2019.4 complete uninstall/reinstall of the Orion Modules (5) and restore my database.  Over 8 hours on support call, 12 hours downtime.  The application upgraded okay, just couldn't run the config wizard successfully which meant the system couldn't function correctly.  I've since been sent a fix the following day by the development team to delete some database tables before attempting the upgrade again, which I haven't tried yet.   

sorry to hear that @dgoodfellow. i know how much that sucks!

i may wait until there is a hotfix or two released before attempting my upgrade.

good luck with everything!

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Level 10

I upgraded a small Test environment with no issues. This was using the offline installer

Servers upgraded where

MPE: running NPM, NCM and IPAM

APE:running NPM, NCM and IPAM

x2 AWS servers

Remote SQL running AG Groups (SQL 2017).

I'm expecting (hoping) a hassle free upgrade to PROD. But will be looking at installing log viewer with the upgrade

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@rocco_2016 when do you plan to upgrade to prod?

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Very soon, we have a big project of releasing a Site Topology map for all our sites using Orion Maps which is currently delayed due to the new features. 

Prod is 

MPE with HA

x2 APE with HA

x2 AWS

SQL 2017 with 4 node AG cluster

NPM, NCM with 450 devices and 100 servers

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nice. good luck on your endeavor! 

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Fully upgraded with no issues at all. All upgraded and config wizards ran in just under 3 hours