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ignore administratively shutdown interfaces in discover?

Am I just missing something?  When I run a discovery and gives me the interfaces to select, I want to pick up anything that's not Admin Down, but

when I select "opearationally down", de-select "Administratively Shutdown", and hit "reselect interfaces" it still selects the "Administratively shutdown" interfaces.  Bug?  PEBKAC?

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‌it doesn't sound like expected behavior. which version of NPM?

Should be 11.5.2

Can you post some screenshots to highlight the issue? I tried some filtering options here, and seems to be working as expected. NPM version is 11.5.2

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I think that about captures it. 

If I select only 'Administratively Shutdown' it *does* get the right interfaces, but I can't get it to give me only the interfaces that are down, but enabled.

And I confirmed it's 11.5.2 (per the text at the bottom of the page)

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Right. I see what you are trying to do now. An interface that is in an 'administratively shutdown' interface is also 'operationally down' by default.

Cisco SNMP Object Navigator

"If ifAdminStatus is down(2) then ifOperStatus should be down(2)"

So, the real issue is that you need an 'AND' logic operator for this filtering but is not available at the moment (may want to submit a feature request, as it can be very useful in a lot of other situations too)

the only workaround I can think of is

- From the discovery, import everything that is Operationally Down.

- Create a new Interface custom property called say 'DeleteInterfaces'

- From the Orion server, launch database manager, click on 'Add default server'. run the following query (I haven't tested this. You can first run a SELECT * from [dbo].[Interfaces] WHERE AdminStatus=4 ) The idea is to identify Admin Shutdown interfaces that were added as a result of operationally shutdown filter.

UPDATE [dbo].[Interfaces] SET DeleteInterfaces='Delete1234' WHERE AdminStatus = 4

- Go to Manage Nodes, change dropdown to Interfaces, include the custom property in the column list and search for the word 'Delete1234'. It should display just the ones you want to delete, and you can delete them in bulk


So I did this and it worked, so thanks!

What occurred to me, however, is that what I'm really doing using the value of a column in the table to populate another column in the same table... Is there not a more direct way to sort/filter on those columns themselves?  Instead of creating a custom property whose value depends on 'AdminStatus', is there a way to just sort/filter on 'AdminStatus' itself from within the web console? 

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There isn't. Hence, the workaround I came up with

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hrmm... That's bizarre to me.  You'd think something like this would be higher on people wish-list, especially for a product licensed per switchport.  Crazy.  To my mind the three boxes would represent three separate classes.

enabled and up

enabled and down


I guess I'll make due with what I've got. 


Will do. I'll make sure I've got the real version number as well

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Level 15

this device are monitored for ICMP or SNMP ?

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What? SNMP. ICMP wouldn't have any way of enumerating the interfaces on a new node, would it?

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That's correct. Monitoring a node with ICMP will not show the interfaces.

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In inteface details you can edit interface.

I´m sorry, but I no understandigyou very good..

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