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Level 10

how to create views for specific nodes

I want to create specific views for nodes so I can display onyl the necessary information for the node.



I've create UDNP charts with inforamtion for squid services.

I only want this "multiple chart" to be displayed on my linux, squid servers and not on all my servers !

How do I setup this view ?

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Level 11

A combination of my idea and pyro13g's idea is all you can really do.

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Level 13

Only assign the pollers to applicable objects and in the resource itself check Auto Hide Resource "Automatically hides this resource if the currently selected Net Object does not have the selected universal device poller assigned to it."

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Level 11

The closest thing you can do is a View by Device Type.

It will be in the admin console in soalrwinds.

You can define a different view fore each different Device Type you have monitored.

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Indeed, that's possible but... not all my devices of a specific type have the same functionality.

LINUX server for example are using the SNMP device view but I need to distinguish the services they host ( like proxy servers or samba servers or.... )

Now I have several charts on these nodes that aren't useful at all and are actually an overhead on the view !

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